May 30 – May 31, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 51 calls for service.

8:25 am – 6th Ave NE AT Caribou St E– Abandoned Vehicle – A local towing company came across a vehicle that looked like it had been in an accident. The vehicle was not in an accident.  It was just flooded in a puddle. The driver locked himself out and showed up later with the keys.

8:53 am - 100 block Elsom St - Assist Fire Department – A house was smoking due to a downed power line landing on it. Police assisted with traffic control.

10:08 am - 400 block Athabasca St - Suspicious Occurrence – Police received a complaint of yelling, banging on walls and slamming things. Police attended and a resident was spoken to about keeping the noise down.

3:04 pm - 1300 block Main St N – Collision – A two vehicle motor vehicle accident resulted in no injuries, two tows and damage estimated to be at $10,000.

3:41 pm - 700 block 5th Ave SW - Bike Theft – A blue BMX Bike was stolen from out in front of a local school.

4:28 pm - 500 block Athabasca St W - Parking Bylaw – A subject called about a semi being parked close to his driveway and was concerned that he may get hit if he backs out. Police attended and the semi was parked legally; no action was required.

5:46 pm - 0 block Manitoba St E - MVA Injury –$5000 damage estimated and the pedestrian was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons.

6:13 pm – 800 block 8th Ave NW – Dispute – A subject came to get stuff from a house and got into an argument with their roommate. Police attended and the dispute was over property and the situation was mediated.

7:10 pm 1100 block 8th Av NW - Dispute Between Neighbours – A neighbour was causing mischief, cleaning paint brushes and dumping it over the fence into the other neighbour’s yard. Police attended and the subjects were warned.

8:51 pm - Coteau St W - MVA Injury – A subject was in a two-vehicle accident and got hit from behind in their vehicle. $5000 in damages, no charges and one minor injury.

9:28 pm - 100 block 1st Ave NW – Insecurity – Police received notification from a subject walking by that a back delivery door was left open on a building. Police attended and all doors were found to be secure.

10:02 pm - 200 block High St E- Well Being Check – A complainant called in wanting his friend checked in on. Police attended and the subject had fallen into the tub and couldn’t get out.  They  were transported to hospital by ambulance.

10:46 pm - 1300 block Duffield St W - Dog Barking – The owner was located and warned regarding the bylaw.

2:51 am – 1100 block 3rd Ave NE – Disturbance – A complainant was unable to sleep due to their neighbour being loud.  The neighbours were spoken to and asked to quiet things down. 

5:45 am – 900 block Montgomery St – Mischief – A complainant’s vehicle was egged overnight.  Police are still investigating.

Police charged fourteen with failures to attend court.
Police responded to two alarm calls.
Police responded to two parking complaints.
Police responded to six 911 calls.

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