May 24 – May 25, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 59 calls for service.

8:35 am – Caribou St W at 1st Av NW – MVA – A two vehicle accident occurred and one was towed. No injuries were reported, and there was approximately $10,000 of damage. One ticket was issued for disobeying a red light.

8:48 am – 0 Block Iroquois St E – 911 Call – A person repeatedly contacted 911 requesting a phone number. Police attended as the situation continued on and they spoke with the person calling. The person was suffering from a disease and was left in the care of a capable person.

9:00 am – 0 Block Manitoba St E – Hit & Run – A vehicle was hit in days prior, and there was damage to the front driver’s side panel. Approximately $500 in damage was done, and there are no suspects.

9:10hrs – 1200 Block 12th Av SW – Fraud – A person threatened that if they don’t send money, photos will be distributed without their consent. The person was the victim of a scam and out money with no way to track it.

9:21 am – 500 Block Maple St W – Found Property – Persons emptying a residence came across a gun and ammunition. They requested a police pick up for destruction.

9:37 am – 400 Block Langdon Cres – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant suspected a person was living in a treed area of the park. Police are to speak with the complainant.

9:56 am – 900 Block Stadacona St W – Barking Dog – A complainant stated that a dog barks all day long, and that the owner only checks on the animal once a day. Police attended, and the dog was quiet on arrival. Police are to follow up with the dog’s owner.

10:08 am – 800 Block 7th Av NE – Suspicious Occurrence – A person was at a residence who is on orders to not be there. Police attended and brought the subject to the station to be charged with breach. The subject was held in cells for court the following day.

10:45 am – 1500 Block 7th Av SW – Suspicious Occurrence – It appeared multiple people were attempting to get into buildings that have been boarded up in the area, also in the animal park. The complainant has requested additional patrols of the area.

11:02 am – 0 Block Fairford St E – 911 Call – An unknown 911 call was received from a business. Police spoke with staff on duty who confirmed a misdial.

11:11 am – 800 Block Grey Av – Well Being Check – A person called a worker stating they were having violent thoughts. Police attended to the person’s address and spoke with them, and assisted them in getting to the hospital to speak with staff.

11:53 am – 200 Manitoba St W – Theft Under – A vehicle had items removed from it sometime over night. Police are investigating.

12:05 pm – 0 Block Caribou St W – Unknown 911 – There was a 911 hangup call. Police attended to the area but did not see anyone around the business.

1:32 pm – 200 Block Main St N – Suspicious Person – A person who may be intoxicated was screaming and yelling at traffic as well as walking into traffic. Police attended to the area and spoke with the subject who stated they were having an emotional day and requested assistance with getting to the doctor’s office. Police assisted and left the person in the care of a doctor.

1:42 pm – 1500 Block Vaughan St – Well Being Check – A complainant wanted a check done on a family member due to some text messages that had been sent and received. Police spoke with the subject, who said they were fine and just having a bad day.

3:00 pm – 200 Block Main St N – Suspicious Person – A person out on the street was screaming profanities and waving their hands all around. Police attended to the area, but did not see the person as described.

4:01 pm – 1000 Block Coteau St W – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant stated they thought a family member was being a victim of an online predator. They spoke with police in regards to advice and options.

4:11 pm – 300 Block MacDonald St – Trespass – Persons were on property, and they are on conditions to stay away. Police are to obtain statements.

4:14 pm – 400 Block Main St N – Mischief – A vehicle had the front passenger window smashed on it sometime within the last half hour. Their wallet was taken from the vehicle, but there had been no transactions at this time on any cards. There were no witnesses and no video is available.

4:47 pm – 0 Block Home St E – Dispute – A dispute occurred between a renter and landlord; it was stated that one party spit on the other. Police advised the complainant to contact the rentalsman.

5:00 pm – 14th Av SW at Vaughan St – Hit & Run – A vehicle drove through a stop sign, hitting the complainant’s vehicle, then drove away. $5,000 of damage was done, and no plate number was obtained from the offending vehicle.

5:03 pm – Thatcher Dr E at Main St N – Traffic Obstruction – A vehicle lost a tire and ended up blocking a lane of traffic. Police attended and assisted with traffic flow until a tow truck arrived on scene.

5:21 pm – 0 Block High St W – Suspicious Vehicle – Two persons in a vehicle were stopping and requesting money from others. The vehicle was from out of province. Police attended to the area but did not find the subjects or vehicle described.

5:31 pm – 1100 Block 3rd Av NE – 911 Call – A person called into the police station requesting assistance with a person who would not leave the residence. Police attended and mediated the argument about a vehicle. Police are to get statements when sober.

5:34 pm – 900 Block 1st Av NW – Mischief – A person in the area admitted to a complainant that they had shot their fence with a pellet gun. The complainant would like the damages paid for. This is under investigation.

6:34 pm – 1000 Block 7th Av SW – Assist to Locate – A person called in stating a family member had not arrived home at the required time. Police attended to the complaint, but the complainant called back and stated they got in touch with the subject and knew where they were. No further police action was required.

6:47 pm – 0 Block Fairford St W – Assist to Locate – A person called the police requesting assistance in getting in touch with a family member. Police attended to multiple addresses until they found the subject in good health. Police contacted the complainant and informed them of such.

7:20 pm – 900 Block Warner St – Suspicious Vehicle – Persons in a vehicle were driving down alleys peering into yards. Police attended to the area to find the vehicle, but were called away to another situation. They did not come across the vehicle in their travels but did have the plate to follow up with the registered owner.

8:36 pm – 600 Block Hochelaga St W – Disturbance – A person in the home was becoming belligerent with their staff, throwing chairs and causing trouble. Police attended and spoke with the subject, who calmed down and apologized to staff.

8:45 pm – 0 Block Flax Rd – Mischief – A person damaged the complainant’s car. Police attended and the complainant just wanted the damages fixed.

8:50 pm – 1200 Block Main St N – Erratic Driving – Persons in the area were spinning circles and driving very erratically. Police attended and spoke with two subjects and warned them of their driving actions.

8:57 pm – 700 Block Ominica St E – Domestic – An argument between two parties was getting out of hand. One party called police to attend. Police attended and spoke with the parties involved. Nothing physical happened, one party left for the night, and both will discuss the future tomorrow.

9:50 pm – 200 Block Lillooet St W – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant stated two young persons attended to their residence and requested to wash their vehicle for cash. The complainant thought they were too young to be out at this hour. Police attended but did not locate the persons as described in the area.

9:54 pm – Noise Bylaw – 600 Block Main St N – Noise Bylaw – A complainant stated that there was a lot of noise coming from vehicles in the area, and they provided a description of three vehicles. Police attended to the area and spoke with one person, although no vehicles were running at this time.

10:34 pm – 0 Block Caribou St W – Suspicious Occurrence – There was a report that a person in the area with a weapon was acting suspicious. Police attended but did not find anyone as described. Police spoke with individuals in the area, but they stated they had no idea what had happened. Police spoke with staff of the business who did not see anything.

10:34 pm – 500 Block Main St N – Suspicious Person – A person was wearing what appears to be a nighty or hospital gown, sitting in middle of the road. Police attended and escorted the person to hospital to speak with mental health.

2:56 am – 300 Block Main St S – Assist EMS – Police attended to the residence with EMS due to a call about a potential overdose. At the scene, the subject agreed to go to hospital with EMS. No further police action was required.

5:17 am – 0 Block Main St N – Break & Enter – A person broke a window to gain access to the room. Police arrived on scene and arrested the subject. They were held in cells for court.

5:43 am – 200 Block Home St W – Theft of Auto – Last seen the night prior, a  woke up and found tehir vehicle gone. Both sets of keys were in the house, and police assumed the vehicle was locked.

Police attended to eight 911 calls.
Police assisted three other agencies.
Police executed three warrants. 
Police responded to two parking bylaw infractions. 

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