May 4 – May 5, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 55 calls for service.

7:17 am – 700 Block Hochelaga St E – Restraining Order – A person required advice in regards to a no contact order for a person they are in charge with. Advice was given as the situation did not meet criteria for a no contact order.

9:35 am – 900 Block Caribou St W – Threats – A complainant was receiving threats from a person. The person is to be charged with uttering threats.

9:44 am – 600 Block Grandview St W – Dispute Between Neighbours – a complainant stated that persons had entered their yard, and they had requested they leave when the persons started badgering the complainant. This is an ongoing dispute to be investigated.

10:08 am – 200 Block Home St W – Mischief – A trailer was entered sometime over the last 2 months. The complainant stated that multiple items were taken and they will be bringing a list to police.

10:13 am – 0 Block Lancaster Rd – Break & Enter – Vandalism occurred at a new building, causing damage to the interior. Approximately $5,000 in total damage was done.

11:35 am – 2nd Av NW at Manitoba St W – Dangerous Driving – A vehicle was described to be driving erratically in the area, swerving all over the road and cutting people off. Police are investigating to speak with the registered owner.

12:28 pm – 0 Block Athabasca St E – Erratic Driving – A person was driving a little pit bike with no plates, moving quickly. Police attended to the area, but did not locate the subject as described. Police advised the complainant to call back if the individual is seen again.

1:21 pm – 1000 Block 1st Av NE – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant stated they had seen a vehicle with what appeared to be a gun on a rack in the back window. Police patrolled the area but did not locate the vehicle. The licence plate was obtained, and police are investigating to get in touch with the registered owner.

1:56 pm – 1000 Block Hall St W – Found Property – A complainant found various items under a fence. The owner of the items was contacted and stated they will pick them up.

2:10 pm – Main St N at Fairford St W – Lost Property – An iPhone in a silver case was lost. This was reported for informational purposes.

2:28 pm – 800 Block High St W – Suspicious Occurrence – A person on a scooter appeared to be going through potholes in the driving lane. Police attended to the area and found the person on the sidewalk, avoiding potholes.

2:33 pm – 100 Block Ross St E – Dangerous Driving – A person was driving their vehicle erratically in an area of a parking lot. Police spoke with the driver who stated they were filming a video with a friend. Police warned them of their driving actions.

3:40 pm – 100 Block Main St N – Suspicious Occurrence – A person was yelling in public while pulling a cart around. Police attended, but the person was gone prior to police arrival.

4:17 pm – 1200 Block Main St N – MVA – A two vehicle accident occurred. There was approximately $10,000 in damage. One ticket was issued for driving without due care, there were no injuries, and one vehicle was towed from the scene.

5:15 pm – 700 Block Coteau St W – Dangerous Dog – A person was walking their dogs when another dog came out of the yard and attacked the person and their dogs. Police spoke with the loose dog’s owner and warned them of the bylaw.

5:21 pm – 400 Block 5th Av NE – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant stated that there we people on the roof of a building. Police attended and spoke with the staff who stated they will speak with the family members of those involved.

6:42 pm – 1200 Block 9th Av NE – Dispute – A complainant stated that a person appeared to keep driving by their residence. Police spoke with the complainant who wished the incident to be documented for informational purposes.

6:51 pm – 0 Block Diefenbaker Dr – Assist to Locate – Staff requested police assistance in retrieving a person that may have left from the area. Police attended and by this time staff had obtained the person back inside the building.

7:04 pm – 0 Block Thatcher Dr E – Shoplifting – A person stole items from a business. Police attended to the described area to attempt to find the described person, but they were not successful. The suspect was identified and is to be charged with theft.

8:48 pm – 700 Block Grandview St W – Suspicious Occurrence – A person was stating they wanted to speak to police about an incident they felt responsible for. Police attended and spoke with the complainant who stated they were feeling depressed. Police assisted with getting the complainant up to the hospital, and they left the individual in attendance of staff.

9:26 pm – 500 Block Home St W – Assault – A person assaulted a complainant. Police attended and the complainant had left the area. The complainant then stated they did not need medical attention and did not want charges laid. No further police action was required.

10:38 pm – Main St N at Saskatchewan St W – Assault – A complainant was shot with what appeared to be a paintball by a passing vehicle. The complainant attended to the police station to speak with police and reported it for informational purposes.

10:51 pm – 1700 Block Main St N – Intoxicated Person – A person was walking in the middle of the road. The complainant was concerned they may be intoxicated and may possibly get hit by a car. Police attended to the area but did not locate anyone as described.

10:50 pm – 1100 Block Clifton Av – Harassing Calls – A complainant stated that they have been receiving harassing calls from a person they do business with. The complainant wanted police to view the messages sent and reported the calls for informational purposes.

11:19 pm – 1000 Block Willow Av – Unwanted Guest – A complainant had an intoxicated person in their residence and requested police assistance to help with removal. The person had left prior to police arrival and no further action was required.

12:06 am – 0 Block Fairford St E – Intoxicated Person – A complainant stated that a person was on the premises and was intoxicated and being aggressive with others. Police attended multiple times to assist, and on the third attempt they spoke with the subject who was apologetic to all staff members and police, and agreed to call it a night and go to sleep.

12:10 am – 900 Block Athabasca St E – Domestic – Police attended to the area of a report of a domestic that could be heard but not seen. Everything was quite on police arrival, and no one was found to be arguing in the area.

12:09 am – 1000 Block Iroquois St W – Suspicious Occurrence – A person called the complainant requesting help with getting to the hospital and to contact a family member, then hung up. The complainant called police and gave as much information as they had access to. Police attended to the suspected address and found an elderly person in need of medical assistance. EMS was contact and aided in taking the elderly person to the hospital to be checked out.

4:13 am – 1000 Block Simcoe St – Impaired Driving – A complainant stated that a vehicle full of possibly intoxicated people had been travelling in the area. Police followed the information in regards to the last location but did not come across the vehicle in question.

4:21 am – 1500 Block Main St N – Dispute – A person was intoxicated and was being threatening towards the complainant. Police attended and mediated the situation, and everyone agreed to go to sleep for the night.

Police responded to three 911 calls.
Police responded to three parking bylaw infractions.
Police responded to four noise bylaw infractions.
Police assisted other agencies in three cases.

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