April 25 – April 26, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 44 calls for service.

9:10 am – 600 Block Fairford St E – Unknown 911 – A person was threatening violence on the street, threatening another person. No weapons were involved, but there was a physical altercation. A person was arrested due to assault and mischief.

9:26 am – 300 Block North Service Rd – MVA – Two vehicles were involved in an accident, with out of province plates. Police assisted with an information exchange. No injuries were reported, no tickets were issued, and there was approximately $10,000 of damage.

10:26 am – 1700 Block Main St N – Found Property – Items were turned over to the police. The complainant had already gotten in contact with the owner of the items, who knew to pick them up at the police station. The items were returned to the owner.

10:36 am – 0 Block MacDonald St – Suspicious Person – A person in the area was acting strange, and a description was given to Dispatch. Police attended to the area, but they did not locate the person in question.

10:58 am – 0 Block Fairford St W – Harassing Calls – A complainant was inquiring about a no contact order. They spoke with police as they are getting unwanted contact. They reported a current incident for informational purposes, and were advised to call police at the time of an incident.

11:04 am – 700 Block 1st Av NE – Theft Under – A complainant’s wallet was stolen from their residence. The complainant had a suspect, although they did not see anyone take any items. They reported the incident for informational purposes as nothing was witnessed.

1:44 pm – 1200 Block 11th Av SW – Hit & Run – An accident occurred a handful of days ago, with damage to the passenger side mirror and a door dented. No suspects or witnesses were reported. Approximately $400 of damage was done.

2:46 pm – 0 Block Fairford St W – Found Property – Items were turned into the police station to attempt to give them back to the owner. Attempts are being made to get in touch.

2:54 pm – 0 Block Fairford St W – Hit & Run – A vehicle was hit, with the individual unsure when as it was just noticed today. Approximately $6,000 of damage was done. No suspects or witnesses were reported.

3:07 pm – 1300 Block 12th Av SW – Dispute Between Neighbours – A complainant witnessed a neighbour acting intimidating and threatening. The complainant was advised to speak with the building manager.

3:10 pm – 300 Block Grandview St W – Break & Enter – A wallet was stolen off a counter while the complainant was sleeping. The doors of the residence were unlocked, and the complainant suspected someone came into the residence and took off with the items. The complainant was advised to cancel their cards and contact Passport Canada.

3:28 pm – 500 Block Laurier St – Disturbance – The complainant could hear their neighbours screaming, yelling, and fighting. Police attended and spoke with the parties involved. The dispute was over spilled oatmeal. Police mediated and spoke to the complainant about speaking with the landlord.

3:54 pm – 100 Block Athabasca St E – Found Property – Items were turned into the police atation to be returned to the owner. The owner picked up the items shortly after the report was made.

3:56 pm – 0 Block Fairford St W – Found Property – Items were turned into the police service to be returned to the owner. No notable names were noted on the items. The items are to be exhibited.

 9:49 pm – 1200 Block Main St N – Erratic Driving – Vehicles in a parking lot were driving erratically. Police attended to the area. All vehicles were gone and the parking lot described was empty.

9:59 pm – 1000 Block Willow Av – Mischief – There were reports of persons crawling on ladders in the area. Police attended and mediated the situation. The complainant had outstanding warrants that were executed at this time.

10:21 pm – 1200 Block 11th Av SW – Noise Bylaw – A person in the building had their music up too loud, and the complainant could hear and feel the bass. Police attended to find all was quiet.

1:30 am – 0 Block MacDonald St – Mischief – A person on a bike hit a window and then left the premises. Police spoke with the subject and warned them, and they were also advised to be on their way.

1:40 am – 1200 Block Main St N – Disturbance – A person in a store was being belligerent and was asked to leave. Police attended and warned them, and they also advised the individual to be on their way. This was the second incident with the person.

2:34 am – Thatcher Dr E at Highway 1 – Suspicious Vehicle – A person appeared to be slumped over a steering wheel. The complainant tried honking to wake the person, but they did not budge. Police attended and the person was okay but tired. They were escorted to a place to sleep for the night.

2:37 am – 900 Block Hastings St – Dispute – A person called 911, said an address, and then hung up. The person called back a second time stating that an argument had ensued and another person fled the area, potentially intoxicated. Police searched the area. This is still under investigation.

Police responded to two 911 calls.
Police executed one warrant.
Police assisted other agencies in five cases.
Police responded to one alarm call.
Police responded to two parking bylaw infractions.

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