March 18 – March 19, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 26 calls for service.

9:43 am - 1700 block N – Dispute – A family was having a dispute over types of discipline. Police spoke with all parties regarding appropriate discipline and inappropriate discipline. No further action was taken.

9:49 am - 900 block 2nd Ave NE- Parking Bylaw – An unattached trailer was parked on the street. Police spoke with owner and advised him of the bylaw, and the owner will move it.

11:14 am - 700 block Athabasca St E - Parking Bylaw – A complaint called in about an unattached trailer parked in front of the house. The owner was found and asked to move the trailer, and they were also warned about the bylaw.

11:35 pm - 500 block 1st Ave NW – Shoplifting – A theft occurred at a local business in the early morning. The suspect left riding a bike.  The complainant can provide video and photos and will provide a statement.

1:53 pm - 500 block Thatcher Drive - Theft Under – An internal theft was investigated. Police were called to lay charges. An adult subject was charged with theft under $5000.

2:30 pm – 900 block Ominica St E - 911 Call False – A landline hang up came in, and emergency services tried calling back, but the subject kept disconnecting the line. They confirmed it was a youth playing with the phone.

4:47 pm - 100 block Main St N - City After Hours Call – A call was received on the city after hours line about a large hole in the back alley. A city worker was called in and marked off the area with 3 large cones for safety.

6:17 pm - 800 block Lillooet St W – Dispute - During a custody exchange a complainant didn’t like that the new boyfriend wouldn’t shake hands. The complainant thought he was rude and attended the police station to make a report with the police. Information was taken but this was not a police matter.

8:56 pm - 0 block Broda TR - Break and Enter in Progress - Several calls were received of three males having entered a home suspected to be a break and enter in progress.  As the home is under construction, the home owner was advised through 3rd parties that no one should be on site. Police attended and the flooring crew was found to be there to do an install.

9:23 pm - 1300 block 12 Ave SW- Well Being Check – A health agency called requesting a well being check on a parent and child. Both subjects are fine and the parent was advised of options if they need assistance.

9:53 pm - 1300 block 13th Ave SW- Assist to Locate – An at risk youth was out past house curfew. After an extensive search police were able to locate the youth and return them to their residence.

10:09 pm - 1600 block Marshall Cr – Mischief - Police received two phone calls of eggs being thrown at vehicles in the area; no damage was done.

10:19 pm - 700 block 1st Ave NE - Fare Fraud - After taxi service was provided a subject was unable to make payment, and credit was extended. This was unfounded and no longer a police matter.

12:08 am - 1200 block 9th Ave NE- Breach of Court Order – An adult subject was not home for court ordered curfew; a warrant was issued.

12:41 am - 1000 block 9Th Ave NW - Curfew Check – An adult subject was home as ordered. No further action was taken.

1:09 am - 1100 block 7th Ave NW- Impaired Driving – An adult subject was given an ASD roadside screening and failed. The subject was brought to police cells, where he provided further breath samples that resulted in charges of impaired driving and exceeding .08. The vehicle was seized for 30 days, and the license has been suspended indefinitely. The subject is to be held in cells until sober.

Police issued three warrants.
Police completed two curfew checks.

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