February 5 – February 6, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 30 calls for service.

9:01 am – 600 Block Grandview St W– Dispute Between Neighbours – There have been ongoing issues, and police are still investigating to obtain statements.

9:16 am – 1200 Block Main St N – Hit & Run – This occurred on February 2nd between 8 pm and midnight, causing approximately $7000 of damage.

10:54 am – 100 Block Ominica St W – Breach Court Order – A subject was in breach of a court ordered condition. The individual is to be charged.

12:04 pm – 1300 Block Main St N – Hit & Run – This occurred on February 2 between 11 am and 7 pm, causing approximately $2000 of damage.

12:59 pm – 200 Block Iroquois St E – Dispute – A dispute over property occurred, and all parties were advised of the proper channels to go through.

1:08 pm – 0 Block Ominica St W – Intoxicated Person – A subject was located and found to be sober.

3:01 pm – 1000 Block 3rd Av NW – Motor Vehicle Accident – This occurred on February 4. A vehicle bumped another vehicle, leaving scratches on the bumper.  The suspect vehicle is known.  Police are to assist with a name exchange.

7:17 pm – 700 Block Main St S – Dispute – Subjects were not getting along, and another resident in the house wished for one to be removed.  Upon police arrival one subject had already left; the other was detained on outstanding warrants.

8:03 pm – 0 Block Thorn Cr – Suspicious Person – An unknown male was knocking on the door of residences, going from front door to back.  Police located the subject, who explained that they are going door to door looking for sponsorship as part of Plan International.  The subject was advised to provide ID to people that speak with him and to avoid going into back doors.

9:03 pm – 4th Av NE at Fairford St E – Drug Possess – A subject was detained for outstanding warrants. Upon a search of the person, they were found to be in possession of drugs.  The subject was charged for possession under the CDSA (controlled drug & substances act) and breach of recognizance.  They were released for court at a later date.

10:19 pm – 200 Block High St E – Suspicious Occurrence – A subject advised that they heard a loud popping noise over the last few nights between 10 pm to 10:30 pm.  Police checked the area; however, the location in which the noise is coming from was not located.

10:40 pm – 1100 Block Manitoba St E – Hit & Run – This occurred while the owner was at work. There is damage to the back bumper and wheel well area.

10:47 pm – 1500 Block Smith St – Dispute – A mother and son had a dispute over the son making unnecessary noise.  Both parties were spoken to and the situation was mediated.

1:48 am – 0 Block Diefenbaker Dr – Unwanted Guest – A subject went in to warm up, was asked to leave multiple times, and refused.  Police transported the subject to the hotel where accommodations were being looked after for the subject.  

Police responded to five 911 calls.
Police assisted one other agency.
Police executed five warrants.
Police responded to one alarm call. 

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