January 22 – January 23, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 31 calls for service.

7:59 am – 200 Block Grandview St W – Breach of Court Order – A complainant has an order against contact with a person. The individual showed up at the residence. Police attended and arrested the person on an outstanding warrant.

11:32 am – Laurier St at Algoma Av – Abandoned Vehicle – A vehicle had sat in the area with no licence plate and no permit. Police attended and towed the vehicle due to it being unregistered on city streets.

11:40 am – 200 Block Main St N – Theft – Items were stolen from the back room of a building. Police are investigating.

12:41 pm – 100 Block 1st Av NW – Hit & Run – There was damage to the driver’s side passenger door of the complainant’s vehicle. This occurred sometime the day prior. Approximately $1,000 of damage was done, with a black paint transfer.

12:49 pm – 600 Block Main St N – Fraud – A person was the victim of a romance scam. In excess of $50,000 was lost.

1:35 pm – 300 Block Oxford St W – Threats – Police attended to speak with a person in regards to threats left on an answering machine. The person admitted to their mistake and was warned of their actions.

2:02 pm – 0 Block Manitoba St E – Shoplifting – Police received a call in regards to a shoplifter threatening an employee. Police are investigating to view the video footage and identify the suspect.

2:15 pm – 9th Av NW at High St W – MVA – There was a four vehicle accident, and EMS attended. Two vehicles were towed, and there was one minor injury and one charge for following too close. Approximately $25,000 of damage was done.

2:48 pm – 1300 Block Algoma Av – Landlord/Tenant Situation – A complainant thought that someone may be stealing from them. They spoke with a company and police. They were advised to speak with the landlord and look at fixing some household issues.

3:33 pm – 1200 Block 3rd Av NW – Assist Elderly Person – An elderly person left the premises, and staff required police assistance for return. Police attended and transported the person to hospital for assessment.

3:53 pm – 1400 Block Stadacona St W – 911 Misdial – Police attended to an address in the area for a 911 misdial. On arrival they spoke with the person at the residence and confirmed that there was no emergency occurring.

4:15 pm – 900 Block Hastings St – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant found parts of a gun in a residence after the tenant moved out. Police attended and retrieved the parts for destruction.

4:39 pm – 1100 Block Currie Cres – Traffic Bylaw – School puts out traffic cones to deter traffic from parking in a specific area, but vehicles are parking there anyway. Police attended and did not find any pylons or vehicles in the area.

5:55 pm – 100 Oxford St W – Parking Bylaw – A complainant has a designated parking spot in the area but finds that it’s constantly taken by others. The complainant would like extra patrols in the area during designated times.

7:15 pm – 200 Block Fairford St E – Suspicious Person – A person in a building was acting inappropriately for a length of time. Police attended and spoke to the suspect, advising them to vacate the premises for the remainder of the day.

7:21 pm – 0 Block Athabasca St W – Theft – A person came in a building and sat by themselves for a length of time. They left without paying the bill, and there is no video available for viewing.

7:54 pm – 600 Block Main St N – Noise Bylaw – A complainant stated that the person next door had the music up too loud and wanted it shut down. Police attended and spoke with the person about noise. The individual obliged and offered for the complainant to contact them with any further issues.

8:02 pm – 800 Stadacona St E – Unwanted Guest – A complainant left their residence, stating that a person entered and they wanted them gone. Police attended, but no one but the complainant was at the residence.

8:21 pm – 1200 Block Irving Av – Dispute – There was a dispute between two parties. One person was on conditions to not be in contact with the other. Police are investigating for charges pending a statement.

9:03 pm – 0 Block Fairford St E – Theft – Items were taken from a locker while visiting an establishment. Police are investigating to obtain video.

9:26 pm – 1200 Block Irving Av – Dispute – This was a continued dispute. The complainant said a person threw chicken bones on their vehicle and that they have video of the offence. Police are investigating to obtain the video.

11:51 pm – 200 Block High St E – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant stated that someone came, knocked on their door, and left. Police attended and checked the building to make sure it was secure. No one was witnessed to be in the area.

Police executed three warrants.
Police responded to two alarm calls.
Police responded to five 911 calls. 

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