November 8 – November 9, 2017
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 45 calls for service.

8:52 am – 600 Block MacDonald St – Fire Call – There was a vehicle on fire. It was found to have started from a block heater. There was approximately $15,000 of damage.

10:24 am – 1000 Block James St – Harassing Calls – There was a dispute over postings on social media. This was reported for informational purposes.

10:31 am – 0 Block Wood Lily Dr – Harassing Calls – A complainant stated that a person was sending inappropriate messages to a lot of people. Police are investigating.

11:20 am – 700 Block Grandview St W – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant brought a vehicle in for maintenance and was unsure if they received the same vehicle back. Police confirmed that it was tthe same vehicle for the complainant.

1:37 pm – 1200 Block Main St N – Theft Under – A device was stolen from the store. Video footage is to be viewed, and police are investigating.

1:44 pm – 0 Block Diefenbaker Dr – Suspicious Person – A person was taking photos of the area, which seemed strange to the complainant. Police checked the area, but the person had already left.

1:53 pm – 800 Block 8th Av NW – Well Being Check – An employer was concerned for an employee and wanted them checked on. Police attended and spoke with the employee. All was well.

2:21 pm – 100 Block Ross St E – Multi Vehicle Accident – A vehicle hit a parked car. Police attended and found three vehicles involved. There was approximately $18,000 of damage and no injuries. One person was charged with driving without due care and attention.

3:06 pm – 0 Block Thatcher Dr E – Multi Vehicle Accident– There was a two-vehicle accident and one person was reportedly trapped. There was $25,000 of damage, as well as one minor injury. One person was charged for failing to yield while making a left-hand turn.

4:30 pm – 0 Block Diefenbaker Dr – Assist Locate – A person went outside to have a cigarette and bolted from the premises. An assist was cancelled when the person returned to the premises of their own accord.

4:32 pm – 1200 Block Main St N – Assault – Two persons were beating up a third, and limited descriptions were given to police. Police attended to the area, but all three persons were nowhere to be found.

7:34 pm – 1300 Block Gordon Rd – Dispute – There was a dispute in regards to a social media post. The individual was advised to contact the admin of the group and Facebook to have the posts removed. No police action was required.

9:08 pm – 900 Block Albert St – Unwanted Guest – A person on the phone was slurring their words and disconnected. Police attended to the residence and spoke with the person, who left upon police request.

10:17 pm – 1000 Block Main St N – Dispute – A person tripped and fell, hurting themselves, and was unsure if a dispute lead to the fall. Police attended and found it to be a medical call. EMS was left to care for the patient.

10:44 pm – 400 Block Trinity Lane – Assault – One person assaulted another person. Police spoke with the person assaulted, who will talk over with superiors before coming to the station to further investigate.

10:53 pm – 800 Block Saskatchewan St W – Assault – A person was being beat up by four people. Police attended and spoke with the person assaulted. The situation is under investigation to touch base with the persons doing the assaulting.

11:53 pm – 600 Block Caribou St W – Suspicious Occurrence – Persons just moved into a residence, and while lying in bed they heard noises from the attic. When checking the attic they noticed that the latch was undone. Noises could be heard and things were falling off the walls. Police attended and did not find anything in the one-foot tall attic; it appeared that the house was just shifting with temperature changes.

1:06 am – 800 Block Caribou St W – Unwanted Guest – A complainant called in and stated that an unwanted person was banging at the door and wouldn’t leave. Police attended and spoke with the unwanted person, who agreed to cease contact.

1:29 am – 1700 Block Main St N – Suspicious Occurrence – A horn was going off in the area but didn’t seem to be an alarm as there was no proper consistency. Police attended and found a machinery equipment alarm going off. They called the company to have someone attend to shut it off.

Police responded to one city after hours callout.
Police responded to seven 911 calls.
Police attended to three parking bylaws.
Police assisted other agencies in four cases.
Police executed one warrant. 

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