August 13 – August 14, 2017
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 32 calls for service.

10:15 am – 2nd Av NE at Manitoba St E – Collision – There was a collision involving 2 vehicles, no injuries, 1 tow, and the issuing of 2 tickets.

12:08 pm – 300 block High St W – Theft from Vehicle – Culprits were caught on video stealing, and police are still investigating.

2:21 pm – 0 block Thatcher Dr W – Hit and Run – A plate number was obtained after a vehicle backed into another. Police are still investigating.

4:33 pm – 1000 block 12th Av SW – Abandoned Child – A toddler got away from its caregiver while playing at the park.  The parent was located and the child was returned.

5:04 pm – 1200 block Main St N – Shoplifting – A chronic offender was caught on camera.  Police are still investigating for charges.

5:52 pm – 1100 block Stadacona St W – Mischief – Young children were dialing 911 from home.  All were spoken to.

7:37 pm – 100 block Ominica St W – Theft – A bike was stolen 3 weeks ago.  A witness came forward and the owner got the bike back. The individual notified police of culprit.

8:49 pm – 100 block Hochelaga St E – Recovered Stolen Property – A purse and wallet stolen from several nights before were turned in after being found.  Police are still investigating to return the items to the owner.

10:00 pm – 800 block Duffield – Dogs at large – There were 2 dogs off leash.  Police assisted a neighbour in returning the dogs to the owners.  Police would like to remind the public that all dogs must be secured at all times.

10:11 pm – 11th Av NW at Grace St – Provincial Traffic Offence – An adult texting and driving nearly collided with pedestrians.  Police took a statement, and the incident is still under investigation to issue a ticket.

11:28 pm – 900 block Stadacona St W – Mischief –  The situation was unfounded; kids on skateboards were enjoying the warm evening.

2:55 am – 800 block Willow Av – Attempted Theft – Two adults were noted tampering with vehicles.  Police are still investigating.

4:55 am – Main St N at Athabasca St E – Flight from Police – A vehicle failed to stop for police.  Police are still investigating to review video.

Police executed one warrant.
Police responded to two alarms.
Police responded to three city after hours calls.

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