October 1 – October 2, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 39 calls for service.

8:09 am – Landlord/Tenant Situation – A person being evicted was being aggressive towards the landlord. Police mediated the situation.

8:57 am – Landlord/Tenant Situation – A landlord stated that a tenant changed the locks on a unit and they could not get in. The landlord was advised to contact the rentalsman as it is not a police matter.

10:13 am – Drugs – A person did a walk-through of a house and found drug-related items. They requested police attend and view the residence.

11:28 am – Fraud – a complainant had left a purse behind by accident and someone had taken it. They noticed their bank cards had been used. The complainant stated all cards were now cancelled. Police are investigating.

1:33 pm – Dispute Between Neighbours – There was a dispute over items between two yards. The complainant was advised it was a civil dispute, and police were assisted in mediating the situation.

1:53 pm – Suspicious Occurrence – A person driving was cut off by another vehicle and was then confronted by the driver, who wanted to fight. Police are investigating.

1:55 pm – Threats – A person seriously threatened a complainant. The complainant is to come down and provide statement in regards to the incident.

4:06 pm – Mischief – A group was giving away items and a person on bike did not like it. They believed this person broke an item on a vehicle, but there were no witnesses. Approximately $500 of damage was done.

5:09 pm – Erratic Driving – A person driving down the street noticed a person driving beside them slowed when they did and sped up when they did, when they were trying to get in this person’s lane. The complainant provided details on the vehicle but did not wish the driver spoken to.

5:32 pm – Mischief – A complainant would like a person charged for destroying some of their items. Police are investigating.

5:31 pm – Theft of Bike – A person asked another person to watch a bike, and two others came up and took the bike. Police are investigating to check surveillance in the area.

7:59 pm – Domestic – A person stated that another could not leave the residence. Police attended and removed one person from the residence. The situation was mediated and two persons agreed to discuss their future at a later date.

8:23 pm – Domestic – Members of a family were in argument. Police attended and found one party to have outstanding warrants. The individual was brought to the police station and was held for court.

8:50 pm – Unwanted Guest – Two parties were in an argument over a custody issue. Police attended as one party was asked to leave. The party left on police request.

9:19 pm – Insecurity – A complainant left a house and upon return noticed a door open that shouldn’t have been. Police attended and checked the house. Everything was secure and no one appeared to have entered.

9:19 pm – Dispute – A complainant stated persons were intoxicated and attempting to kick them out of the residence. Police attended and brought one party back to cells to be held for charges.

10:43 pm – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant stated that a person was in a parking lot waving a stick around and acting strange. Police attended and found the person as described. The individual was found to be in breach of their conditions. The person was brought to the police station pending charges.

12:23 am – Intoxicated Person – A complainant called and stated a very intoxicated person was attempting to get in their car to drive away. Police attended and brought the person back to cells until sober.

12:41 am – Dispute – A dispute between three parties ended up with one bring brought to the police station for charges.

Police responded to two 911 calls.
Police executed one warrant.
Police responded to three parking bylaw infractions. 

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