September 12 – September 13, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 47 calls for service.

8:56 am – Trespass – A complainant requested a ban be placed on a person who was acting inappropriately in a business. The complainant was advised of their options.

12:07 am – Break & Enter – A complainant stated that a vehicle was entered and items were taken. The suspect was noted. Police are to view the video.

12:40 pm – Dangerous Driving – A vehicle almost hit a complainant’s vehicle on the road and tried pushing them out of the way. Police are to speak with the registered owner.

1:14 pm – Suspicious Occurrence – A person was sitting on their neighbour’s front step and the complainant did not know said person and hasn’t seen them before. The complainant wanted them removed from the area. Police attended and patrolled the area. The described person had already left.

1:59 pm – Well Being Check – A person was described as being lost and confused. Police attended and found the person as described and assisted them in returning home.

2:42 pm – Suspicious Occurrence – A person was walking around an area yelling and acting strange, and it appeared they may be homeless. Police attended to the area, but the person had already left.

3:14 pm – Threats – A person was receiving threats from a past acquaintance. They wanted the incident documented for informational purposes.

3:35 pm – Theft – A person stole an item from a business. Police are to view the video.

3:54 pm – Driving Erratic – A vehicle passed a complainant and drove into oncoming traffic. Police found the vehicle as described and brought the driver to cells due to their actions.

4:04 pm – 911 Call – Open line from a pay phone. Police attended and found the phone dangling, then spoke with people in the area who stated they did not see anything.

4:19 pm – Mischief – A complainant stated that their vehicle was shot at. Police attended and noted that it was a pellet gun that was used. Approximately $500 of damage was done.

4:26 pm – Noise Bylaw – A complainant felt as though people in the apartment above them were being intentionally loud. Police attended and spoke to the persons in the unit who were babysitting children. They were warned of the bylaw.

6:18 pm – Driving Erratic – A vehicle was witnessed to be running red lights and not paying attention to the surroundings. Police are to speak with the registered owner.

8:11 pm – Suspicious Occurrence – a group of people were seen attempting to enter a building. They backed away once they saw the complainant. Police attended the area but did not find the group as described.

9:29 pm – Found Drugs Turned In – A person found items believed to be of drug use. Police attended to retrieve the items to be exhibited for destruction.

10:18 pm – Intoxicated Person – Police were requested to attend to a residence to assist with an intoxicated person. Police assisted with getting the person a safe place to stay for the night.

11:43 pm – Noise Bylaw – There was a vehicle in the area with a loud stereo. The complainant went out to confront them, but they appeared to make more noise and left the area hastily. The complainant stated they believed the people damaged items in the area. Police attended, but the vehicle was gone from the area and no damage was to be found.

Police responded to three 911 calls.
Police responded to two parking bylaw infractions.
Police assisted other agencies in four cases. 

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