September 6 – September 7, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 57 calls for service.

7:31 am – Hit & Run – A driver’s side mirror was struck, causing the window to shatter. This resulted in approximately $300 of damage.

9:24 am – Barking Dogs – Dogs were barking non-stop.  Police attended; however, no one was home.  Police are still investigating to speak with the owners.

9:29 am – MVA – A two vehicle collision caused approximately $2000 of damage.

10:06 am – Hit & Run – This occurred September 5 between 6-6:45PM, and there was approximately $1000 of damage to the passenger front door.

12:08 am – Hit & Run – A vehicle was backed into sometime overnight, causing approximately $300 of damage to the bicycle rack.  There was a blue paint transfer left on the vehicle.

12:40 pm –Fraud – Police continue to investigate.

1:33 pm – Theft – A display cell phone was stolen. The complainant does not wish charges, just wishes for the suspect to be banned. 

2:11 pm – Barking Dogs – A dog outside was crying constantly.  The homeowner was warned of the bylaw.

2:42 pm – MVA – There was a single vehicle collision with a building after the driver suffered a medical emergency.  Approximately $40,000 of damage occurred, and the vehicle was towed.

3:39 pm – Found Property – Property found in a parking lot was turned in to Police.  It was exhibited as found property.

4:24 pm – Fraud - Police continue to investigate.

4:34 pm – Dispute – A complainant was being followed by a person known to them.  Police are to speak with the suspect and advise them that contact is not wanted.

5:12 pm – Assault – Police continue to investigate.

5:45 pm – Vehicle Seizure – A vehicle was seized for 30 days and the driver was issued a ticket.

5:53 pm – Mischief – Sometime overnight a vehicle was shot, causing approximately $1000 of damage.

6:41 pm – Fraud – A complainant bought jewellery for a substantial amount of money and then realized it was not a good deal. They were advised it is a civil matter.

8:26 pm – Unwanted Guest – A subject is no longer welcome at a residence.  Police attended and removed the subject, who was detained on outstanding warrants.

8:30 pm – Theft – Clothing was taken, and the suspect fled when security attempted to detain them.  Police are to obtain statements and possible video for charges.

11:23 pm – Noise Bylaw – A resident in an apartment complex was pounding on a wall, and was asked to quiet down but had not.  Police attended and warned the resident of the noise bylaw.

1:42 am – Insecurity – The overhead door of a shop was left unlocked, and motion triggered the alarm. 

4:18 am – Unwanted Guest – Known subjects were at the door of a residence and were not welcome.  Police attended; however, the subjects were gone prior to police arrival.

Police responded to two 911 calls.
Police assisted other agencies in two cases.
Police responded to one alarm call.
Police responded to six parking bylaws.
Police executed three warrants. 

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