August 25 – August 26, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 46 calls for service.

7:35 am – Disturbance – A subject was charged with mischief and breach undertaking.

9:05 am – Theft – A sign valued at $60 was stolen. This is under investigation to view video footage.

9:07 am – Theft – Sometime overnight a compound was broken into and a skid tank, tires and rims were taken. The estimated value of loss and damage to the property is $1,000, and this is still under investigation to obtain video footage.

10:27 am – Trespassing – There was a report of protesters coming onto the property. Police attended and spoke to the protesters, who agreed to stay on the sidewalk.

11:00 am – Erratic Driving – There was a report of a vehicle driving erratically through the area everyday with the plate number obtained. The driver was spoken to and warned for their driving actions.

11:16 am – Mischief – There was a report of a customer spraying spray paint on some shelves. The subject was located and charged with mischief and resisting arrest, and was held in cells for court Monday morning.

12:19 pm – Mischief – Sometime while owners were away a shed was entered and items were brought out. The damage to the property was estimated at $500. Police are to speak to the suspects.

1:42 pm – Dispute – A dispute over property was mediated by police.

2:10 pm – Noise Bylaw – There was a report of a vehicle driving in the area with a noisy muffler. The area is to be monitored.

2:23 pm – Mischief – Damage to a complainant’s van was caused by water balloons. The parents were spoken to about their children’s actions.

4:49 pm – Theft – There was a report of a theft of money and jewellery with possible suspects. Police continue to investigate.

5:47 pm – There was a report of a dog biting another dog. Police continue to investigate.

6:58 pm – Intoxicated Person – There was a report of an intoxicated person walking in the area. The subject was located and turned over to a sober friend to care for them.

1:34 am – A male was issued a ticket for having open alcohol.

1:52 am – Police were called to a licensed premise to assist with a subject who wouldn’t leave when asked. The subject was brought to cells and police were able to track down a sober caregiver for the night.

2:16 am – There was a report of a noisy party in the area keeping a complainant’s family awake. Police spoke to the homeowner, who was warned under the noise bylaw. They said they will be taking the gathering inside for the night.

2:23 am – There was a report of some kids moving some pylons that were marking an unsafe roadway. Police attended and moved the pylons to where they should be.

3:57 am – Intoxicated Person – Police were called to assist with an intoxicated person after they were cleared medically by EMS. The subject was able to provide the name of a sober caregiver, and the subject was left in their friend’s care for the night.

4:33 am – There was a report of a suspicious person walking in the area. The person was the homeowner just getting home.

Police responded to six 911 calls.
Police responded to two alarm calls.
Police responded to one parking bylaw infraction.
Police executed one warrant.

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