August 16 – August 17, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 46 calls for service.

9:04 am – Breach of Recognizance –  One person is to be charged.

10:23 am – Traffic Bylaw – A person was seen driving and on a cell phone. The complainant wished for the driver to be warned. Police spoke with the driver and warned them of their actions.

12:08 pm – Dispute – Two persons were having a dispute in a vehicle.  Police attended and mediated the situation.

12:57 pm – Erratic Driving – A complainant stated that multiple people were driving erratically in their area. Police attended and monitored the area, but no infractions were noted at this time.

1:02 pm – Suspicious Person – A person in an alley way was taking someone else’s garbage can. Police attended to the area and issued a warning to the person involved.

1:36 pm – Threats – A person refused to leave an establishment. The person had been previously banned. Police are investigating to issue a trespass ticket.

1:40 pm – MVA – A two vehicle accident occurred between a vehicle and  semi. There were no injuries and no tows, and police assisted with a name exchange. Approximately $1,000 of damage was done.

3:00 pm – Theft – A complainant stated that a family member took three cheques and cashed two, giving the third to someone else. Police are investigating.

3:24 pm – Hit & Run – A vehicle hit a complainant and left the area. Approximately $3,000 of damage was done. There are no suspects or witnesses.

4:15 pm – Suspicious Persons – Two persons were carrying what appeared to be a plastic garbage can, or round object on their back, as well as garbage bags, and were seen in the complainant’s area. Police attended but did not locate the subjects as described.

7:03 pm – Erratic Driving – A complainant reported that a vehicle was driving erratically while leaving the city. Police are investigating.

7:36 pm – Found Property – A box of miscellaneous items was found near a complainant’s building and was brought to the Police Station. It is to be exhibited.

7:49 pm – Noise Bylaw – Fireworks were being set off in the area. Police attended but did not find anything to suggest fireworks were being set off in the area.

7:52 pm – Suspicious Vehicles – A group of people who may have been drinking was reported. Police attended to the area and spoke to a person involved. No drinking occurred. All persons were asked to leave and did so without issue.

8:09 pm – Dangerous Driving – Temporary lights were set up and people were not following the rules of the road. The area was patrolled, and no infractions occurred at this time. Everything appeared to be marked properly.

8:59 pm – Unwanted Guest – A person who was asked to leave multiple times continued to hang around an establishment. Police attended but the person had already left the area. A complainant stated that a ban notice will be completed for police to serve on the subject.

10:23 pm – Disturbance – A complainant reported a party in a parking lot, with loud music and drinking. Police attended and spoke with the persons involved, but there was no noise on police arrival. Everyone was advised to move along and did so without issue.

11:15 pm – Unwanted Guest – A person was asleep near an establishment. Police attended and checked on the well being of the person they found sleeping near the establishment.  The person left without issue.

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