July 21 – July 22, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 48 calls for service.

8:45 am – Unwanted Guest – An adult was told to leave a business and was told not to return.

10:59 am – Breach Court Order – An adult was not following a “no contact” condition of a court order.  The individual was arrested, charged with breach and held in cells.

12:30 pm – Well Being Check – An adult left a dog in the vehicle while running errands.  The public is reminded that during warm weather it is better to leave their pets at home, rather than putting them at risk by leaving them in a warm vehicle.

2:47 pm – Parking Bylaw – There was a complaint of a trailer parked for 2 weeks.  The owner was warned.

3:26 pm – Vehicle Seizure – An adult with a suspended / impoundable license was pulled over.  The vehicle was seized for 30 days on behalf of SGI.

3:43 pm – Unwanted Guest – An adult was banging on a house window.  They left upon police request.

4:22 pm – Erratic Driving – An adult was seen “stunting”.  They were located and issued a ticket.

4:25 pm – Mischief – An adult broke a window in a residence.  The owner declined charges, but the subject was transported to hospital for their own well being.

5:34 pm – Dispute – A disagreement took place between family members, and the youth went to stay with a relative.

5:57 pm – Impaired Driving – An adult thought to be “high” was located and found to be sober.

6:12 pm – Dispute – A physical dispute took place between adults. The victim wished a warning to be given. 

6:53 pm – Theft / Fraud – An adult was approached by a male stating he had dropped some money. During a discussion the victim pulled out their wallet and later realized a debit card had been stolen by the male suspect.  The card was used.  Police are investigating video.

7:36 pm – Theft / Fraud -  An adult was approached by a male in a local parking lot asking for change for a $20 bill. During a discussion the victim pulled out their wallet and later realized a credit card had been stolen by the male suspect.  The card was used. Police are investigating video.

9:40 pm – Dispute – A custody disagreement was mediated.

11:29 pm – Collision – A vehicle pedestrian collision occurred.  The pedestrian ran out into traffic and was struck by a vehicle.  The pedestrian was taken to hospital and released with minor road rash.  The pedestrian was issued a ticket.  Approximately $1000 of damage was done.

1:00 am – Bylaw Infraction – There was a report of several different fireworks being set off.  The public is reminded that it is against the City Bylaw to discharge any fireworks in the city limit.

1:38 am – Barking Dog – An adult was charged under the city bylaw.  The dog was taken inside.

1:47 am – Loud Party – The homeowner was warned.

2:17 am – Intoxicated Person – The adult was located and taken home.

Police responded to seven 911 calls.
Police responded to two alarm calls.

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