July 10 – July 11, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 58 calls for service.

9:19 am – A person reported a hit and run that occurred in June. The damage was estimated at $500. SGI forms were filled out and submitted.

11:13 am – A complainant requested a well-being check on a family member. The subject was located in fine health but was just running late for an appointment. The family member was advised.

12:48 pm – A subject on no contact conditions showed up at a residence where they were not allowed to be. The subject was located and charged with uttering threats, assault with a weapon, unlawfully being in a dwelling, possession of stolen property, and several breaches. The subject was held in cells for court Wednesday morning.

12:49 pm – There was a report of a suspicious person on a bike going up and down the street, and now approaching houses. The subject was located and spoken to, and was in the area looking for a friend’s house. There was nothing suspicious.

1:27 pm – There was a report of a suspicious person hanging around the area. The subject was located sitting by the mailboxes, and the subject advised they were just waiting for the Canada Post delivery. There was nothing suspicious.

1:29 pm – There was a report of dogs barking nonstop. The dog owner was spoken to and warned under the bylaw.

4:53 pm – A business reported a gas drive off with the plate number obtained. The registered owner was contacted, and there was confusion between the driver and passenger, both thinking the other had paid. The driver returned and paid for the gas.

4:55 pm – There was a hit and run to a vehicle parked in a parking lot today. The damage was estimated at $1,000, and SGI forms were filled out and submitted.

7:41 pm – Police were called to a dispute between two parties. They spoke to both parties who agreed to try to get along for the evening. The dispute was mediated.

8:11 pm – A tree was down on a power line from the strong winds. The Fire Department and SaskPower attended to deal with it.

8:08 pm – There was a dispute between a landlord and tenant. Arrangements were made for the tenant to stay for the night and make other arrangements in the morning. The dispute was mediated.

9:00 pm – There was a dispute between two parties. One party agreed to go home for the night, and the dispute was mediated.

9:22 pm – A child was found walking alone in the area. The child returned home prior to police arrival, and police spoke with the parents to confirm the child’s safety. They discussed different preventative measures to put in place.

9:27 pm – There was a discussion of options going forward on a civil matter.

9:57 pm – There were concerns over a large group of people gathered in a parking lot. The subjects were just hanging out in the area, but were asked to move on for the night. No further police action was needed.

10:06 pm – A ticket was issued for a minor possessing alcohol.

10:17 pm – There was a verbal dispute between two parties trying to discuss life stresses while intoxicated. The subjects agreed to go to bed for the night and leave the matters to be discussed and sorted out for tomorrow when they were sober.

10:30 pm – A family member from another province was requesting a well-being check on a family member. The police attended and through investigation a person was charged with assault. The other party was in fine health, and the family member was advised of police findings and the end result of the well-being check.

11:36 pm – A subject was now home for court-ordered curfew, and a warrant was issued for breach undertaking.

11:46 pm – Police, Fire and EMS responded to a vehicle vs pedestrian collision. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital by EMS, and through investigation it was determined that the pedestrian stepped onto the roadway into the path of the vehicle. No charges will be laid upon the driver involved.

12:50 am – A complainant called in reporting there may be someone on their roof. The area and roof were checked. A brick fell off the chimney and rolled onto the ground, causing the noise on the roof.

2:39 am – There was a report of a credit card stolen and used at a business. The subject wanted the incident documented and advised that they would be cancelling the credit card.

Police responded to six 911 calls.
Police responded to two alarm calls.
Police assisted other government agencies in fifteen cases.
Police charged five with failures to attend court/fingerprinting.  

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