Police & Fire Report

May 25 – May 26, 2017

7:00 am to 7:00 am


Moose Jaw Police responded to 50 calls for service.
8:50 am – 1500 Block 4thAv NW – Theft Under – A battery was stolen from a golf cart. Reported for informational purposes.
9:08 am – 1300 Block Princess Cr – Break and Enter – Complainant called to report a break and enter. Property stolen from the garage was recovered by police and returned to complainant.
 9:53 am – 1300 Block 11thAv NW – Municipal By-law– Complainant called to request extra patrols of the area. Reports of youth partying in the area during the evenings have been received.
10:21 am – 1700 Block Main St N – Theft of Auto – An unregistered vehicle was stolen sometime during the last week and a half. Police are still investigating.
 1:00 pm – 900 Block Bradley St – Mischief – Complainant called to report damage done to their vehicle overnight. The back window was smashed in and the tires were slashed. Police are still investigating.
 2:12 pm – 1000 Block 5thAv NW – Mischief – All 4 tires were slashed on the complainant’s vehicle. Suspect known. Still under investigation.
 3:17 pm – 0 Block Hochelaga St W – Mischief – After having been tampered with, an intercom box was ripped off a building wall.
 3:30 pm – 1000 Block Algoma Av – Dispute – Complainant wished to speak to an officer regarding a dispute with a family member. Advice and options were given.
 4:04 pm – 6thAv NW at Hochelaga St W – Collision – 2-vehicle collision. Minor injuries. Both vehicles needed to be towed. Approximately $10,000 worth in damage.
 4:13 pm – 600 Block 2ndAv SE – Assist Other Agency – MJPS received a call to attend a residential house for a reported gas leak. Fire Department and SaskEnergy attended as well. Gas meter was faulty.
 4:28 pm – 1stAv NE at Manitoba St E – Hit & Run – Complainant called to report that their vehicle had been backed into. License plate was obtained and suspect is known. Police are still investigating.
 5:25 pm – 700 Block Main St N – Erratic Driving – Complainant called to report a vehicle revving its engine and doing burnouts in the parking lot. Situation was mediated by police.
 5:28 pm – 0 Block High St E – Theft of Auto – Complainant attended the police station to report their vehicle having been stolen. Spare keys may have been in the vehicle.  Police are still investigating.
 5:38 pm – 1200 Block Irving Av – Dispute – Complainant called regarding a dispute with a neighbour. Both parties were spoken to by police.  Situation was mediated by police.
 6:08 pm – 200 Block North Service Road – Dispute – Complainant called to report a dispute. Police determined it to be a civil dispute over property. Both parties involved in the dispute have agreed to disagree.
 8:54 pm – 1300 Block 11thAv SW – Mischief – Complainant called to report having seen a youth attempt to start a grass fire. Member attended but found no sign of a fire.
 8:57 pm – 800 Block Chester Rd – Dispute – Complainant called to report a disagreement with another individual. The complainant did not want charges laid as a result of the incident but simply wanted assistance in retrieving their property.
 9:50 pm – 0 Block Athabasca St W – Complainant attended to the police station to report damage to the driver’s side of their vehicle. It was determined that something other than a vehicle came in contact with the complainant’s vehicle and caused the damage.

Police responded to seven 911 calls

Police attended to 4 parking bylaws

Police assisted 1 other agency

Police assisted with 1 community services project

Police executed 3 warrants

Police attended to 2 city after hours call-outs

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