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Moose Jaw's Sweetest Couple, from Sahara Spa, Evans Florist and Mix 103!


Kathleen Owens & Steve Harvey - To Vote text "KATEVE" to 306-631-9467 AND Comment with #KATEVE on today's Mix 103 Facebook post!


My name is Kathleen Owens and my husbands name is Steve Harvey. I decided to write a little poem for him for this contest to show how much he means to me. 

Our story starts awhile back Almost 18 years now.

I laid eyes on you and just knew  I was completely stuck like glue.

Your long hair and studded vest The way you made me laugh.

Just knew inside you were the one ...I wouldnt have to be a nun !

We shared our 1st I love yous Underneath the starry sky.

You looked at me and held my hand I was deep in la la land.

We moved in together Had our 1st baby boy

Tough times came..we got through it Whada ya know...we never blew it!

Years later our 2nd boy arrived And the chaos didn't end.

We loved every single minute If this was a contest in life...we'd win it!

We had so many hard times Somehow we just pushed through.

We always have each others backs Our love is strong & never lacks.

I feel we've known each other a lifetime We complete each other so well.

Our love is strong together Our friendship is forever.


That beard I love of yours is greying 

You're more attractive every wrinkle.

Laying underneath that star filled sky 

 ...Again we'll watch them twinkle.


You work so hard for everything we have

Those hands are stained with love

Flooring guy, movie star and dad

This rollercoasters been pretty rad


Our life together has been a blast! I really think that this is IT! ..We were just made for each other baby! No ones gonna pop this romance zit! 🤣❤



Leo Milligan & Nicole Haire - To Vote Text "LEONIC" to 306-631-9467 AND Comment with #LEONIC on today's Mix 103 Facebook post!

My name is Leo Milligan, and her name is Nicole Haire. Story:  I was a single parent for many years and doing just fine by myself.  She was a single parent as well for the past year.  Last year, I took my kids out for dinner on mothers day.  One of my boys tripped running up to the table, and knocked a cup of pop all over the booth.  She came over as shift supervisor and cleaned it up, while lecturing my son with a smile on her face the whole time.  She struck me as super capable and responsible, and my son listened to her and apologized, and even offered to help clean it up!  We started talking, and before I left the restaurant I HAD to leave her my number.  I hate being the cliche since guys hit on servers all the time, but she had her number ready to leave for me too!   We talked constantly after that, and hit it off.  Turns out I've known her brother for years.  Fast forward almost a year, and we share a house along with our 7 kids put together as a mixed, blended, processed and muddled family.  She has joined forces with me volunteering with Navy League cadets here in town for the kids, I've helped support her through a work injury causing her to change her future plans, and now she is helping me through leaving a full time job and starting my business.   Everything is pointing towards a wonderful constructive future together.  That being said..  anybody want to rent a couple kids? Cheap!  



Jenny & Chris Depko - To Vote text "JENCHR" to 306-631-9467 AND Comment with #JENCHR on today's Mix 103 Facebook post!

My name is Jeny Depko and my husband is Chris. We first met when I was 14 and he was 16, but later realized throughout or childhood we were in a lot of the same places at the same time. Like, I would visit my mom for the weekends and be less than a block away from his childhood home. It's amazing we didn't meet sooner. Anyways, in highschool we ended up in the same class and the first thing he ever said to me was why did you do that to your hair(I shaved me head lol). We ended up with similar friends and at the same parties and one night he asked if he could walk me home and of course I said yes, I was crushing hard. The whole way to my house we talked about how we would get married and have 4 kids and be happy just living in a shack because we would have each other. Shortly after he moved to calgary and we lost touch for a couple years. Along came MSN and we reconnected at 16 and 18. During this time I was going through a hard time, struggling with the grips of hard drugs and on the cusp of becoming just like my mother. He helped me love myself the way he loved me and he helped me get clean. Fast farward to now I'm 31 and he is 33. We are married with 4 kids and two fur babies. Completely happy living in our 800 square foot shack. It was meant to be.



Natasha & Phil Oegema to vote text "NATPHI" to 306-631-9467 AND Comment with #NATPHI on today's Mix 103 Facebook post!

Hi! We are Phill and Natasha Oegema. We have both grown up here in Moose Jaw. We met in junior high. He was outgoing and obnoxious and I was shy and reserved. I thought he was so annoying and he loved to tease me. But throughout high school we became close friends and almost dated a few times but  I (Natasha) friend-zoned him more than once. We graduated and were each other’s grad escorts (as friends). We kept in touch as we both went our separate ways after high school, then both were back in Moose Jaw a few years later and finally started dating. 10 months later we were engaged and 7 months later were married. Now we’ve been married 5.5 years and have 2 beautiful kids. We are best friends! 



Wes & Tammy Miller to vote text "WESTAM" to 306-631-9467 AND Comment with #WESTAM on today's Mix 103 Facebook post!

Hi!We are Wes & Tammy Miller. We have been together for almost 21 years and married for almost 16 years and we have 5 children.  We completely understand the rules for this contest about a picture of just the 2 of us but let’s face it, that never happens!  This photo is our pregnancy announcement for number 5 and one of the last pictures with the 2 of us actually in it!In our spare time, we hang out with our kids, cook for our kids, run our kids to town for whatever they may have going on but most importantly we play with our kids. We look forward to being a couple again but for now this works perfect for us :)


Heidi Tiller & Justin Johnson to vote text "HEIJUS" to 306-631-9467 AND Comment with #HEIJUS on today's Mix 103 Facebook post!

Hello Mix 103!

Our names are Justin Johnson and Heidi Tiller, we are originally from the Brampton and Toronto ON, respectively, and have been happy to call MJ our home since 2010!We first meet in February of 2009 through a mutual friend. It was 2am in the morning at a Tim Hortons parking lot, each of us came with our friend (we can thank those two for crushing on each other at that time lol)  and we ended up talking, just the two of us, until about 6 in morning. After that I (Heidi) kept trying to deny I liked Justin for whatever reason, and Justin of course certainly did not give up. He would actually drive an hour from Brampton to pick me up from work, then we would go back to hang out and later on he would drive the hour back to my place to drop me off, then drive back to his! He was determined, and I am thankful😁! After getting to know one another as friends for a bit we decided we had crossed the line to boyfriend and girlfriend. We didn't know when exactly that happened so we just choose a day🤪😁 August 9, 2009 ❤️After being together for less then a year we made the decision to move to Moose Jaw; it was tough but well worth it. Moving to another province when you're a new couple and so young is tough that's for sure! So through the years we have been through a lot, from the death of a parent, illnesses, everyday struggles, school, starting careers, having gigantic dogs and crazy cats and the best of all, having our baby girl❤️ in March 2018. Through all the ups and downs, the zigs and the zags,  we have managed to come out a team. And let's be real, we all know there are some trying times in a relationship, but we make it work and don't give up on one another! We still have lots to learn as a couple and about one another and ourselves. I'm pretty sure when we're old and frail we will still be driving one another nuts, saying "no" when we really mean "yes", and calling one another Stan, Mike or Bob (we have this funny thing where we just call each other random names 🤪, couldn't tell you why we started!). We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this August, I think we'll make it lol just kidding, I know we will! 



Matt Burns & Kayla Penner to vote text "MATKAY" to 306-631-9467 AND Comment with #MATKAY on today's Mix 103 Facebook post!

Hey guys!!This is me and my fiancé matt 🥰 we have been together for almost 8 years and we have 3 handsome boys together (1,3 and 6) they keep us on our toes constantly! We have been through a lot as a couple even a devastating house fire in 2017 causing us to loose everything but we have come out so much stronger as a couple, and after waiting 7 years matt finally popped the question on my birthday cake last year! And we are getting hitched this summer, would be awesome for a nice spa package to get away from work and kids for a few hours. 


Kevyn & Desiree Gadd to vote text "DESKEV" to 306-631-9467 AND Comment with #DESKEV on today's Mix 103 Facebook post!

Our story starts 11 years ago at a house party I was throwing for my birthday, The theme was 80s and I was dressed as Garth Algar and she was dressed in the style of flashdance. That was the first time we met as she was a friend of a friend of my roommate at the time. We didn't talk a lot after that night but seemed looking back that our paths crossed several times even before that without as realizing as I would throw a concert for local bands and she had attended. We started talking again about 6 years ago as she was now a co-worker and friend of my sister and we were both at BPs for my sister's birthday. A few months later I was in Edmonton for a double lung transplant. Upon returning home Desiree essentially had the entire summer off which she spent with her son Griffin and my sister at my parents house (there's a pool there why not) I also spent time there as I was still recovering. We started to talk and we exchanged numbers in a clever play by me saying I would send her business information in regards to the Transplant trot she was helping my family plan. We started talking everyday even while I was on a boys trip to Nashville and she stole my spot at my families table for Thanksgiving! The transplant trot had a float in the Christmas parade that year and when it was over I finally asked her to come to my house where we watched elf and drank wine (we watch elf every year since on the same day) I finally asked her to be my girlfriend the end of December. It was perfect and by July on a family trip to Cypress Hills I told my brothers and sisters that I knew she was the one and I knew how I was going to propose to her. Flash forward to May 2017 at the Transplant trot, The ring was held by a photographer and as I was running across the finish line all 200+ people who were there gathered around as I knelt on one knee and asked her to marry me (after she had hinted at NOT making a big proposal scene if I were to ask) she replied with a resounding yes!! We got married outside last June on one of the hottest days of the summer and everything was perfect. We visit eachother on lunch breaks and have even had a date where we watched a movie in the car while she is on break at work. People have told me what Des and I have is what they one day want. As one of our three wedding songs says "She is my one and my only one" we are seriously in love and after being so close last year this year is our year for sweetest couple! Thanks guys 


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