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Jaqueline Henderson & Tyler Thompson - To vote text JAQLER to 306-631-9467

Since I've had about four people texting me telling me to, I guess I'd like to nominate myself Jacqueline Henderson and my amazing boyfriend Tyler Thompson.
I can't really say much for myself as to why I conciser me to be a part of the sweetest couple but I can for sure say he is the sweetest man I know. 

He came into my life just over four years ago. I was living in Briercrest as a single mom of a three year old and a 7 month old. Right from the get go he surprised me and stepped up, took on and filled the dad roll without question. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better co parent. He's so good with them and it melts my heart every time I hear them giggle when they play with him. When he told me my son asked him if he could call him "dad" I knew he was the one. 

Although he lived in Regina and we only got to see each other on weekends, he made the most of the time we had together. When I sold my house he supported that I wasn't ready to move to Regina and switch my job or the kid's school and daycare. Days that I struggled with the kids and life in general he was only a call away to make it all better, and if he could tell I really needed him he would make the drive even if it meant he had to be up and leave again super early just to be back in Regina for work. We did the long distance thing for about 3 and a half years but now he's moved to Moose Jaw to make my life easier and because he missed the kids and wanted to be here as much as he can. 

Not only is he gorgeous but he is hilarious too. I've honestly never laughed so much or so hard since I met him. He always knows how to make me smile. Constantly cracking jokes or using a funny accent or impersonation. 

I have sent him letters by snail mail as little surprises for him to get to try to show my appreciation how much he's changed my life. I also made a hang over kit for him and his friends when they went on a stag in Vegas, including matching shirts for everyone. 

I never could have imagined how much better life could be. From a trip to Mexico, rock climbing dates, virtual reality games and escape rooms.... right down to just chillin on the couch watching movies together or as a family (he makes the best popcorn!!) I'm so grateful he's in our lives. 

Our anniversary, two years ago, we had fondue for two then watched movies inside the giant blanket Fort he made in our living room, (which we kept up for the kids to enjoy the next day) then we made a play list of songs that mean something to our relationship, mostly funny stupid songs he sings to make me laugh.  

I had a girls night one night and not only did he stay out of the way he surprised us all with a knock at the door because he ordered all of us Pizza Hut, including a huge chocolate brownie. He's always doing things like that. I don't know what I did to deserve him. But he's the most encouraging guy I know. Since dating him, my self esteem has sky rocketed, I can't think of a single day where he hasn't complemented me or told me how much he loves me. He supports my desire to get fit and healthy with workout gifts or couple workouts or dates to the gym while also encouraging my occasional craving for ice cream or a big ol fat burger. 

I could clearly go on and on about how awesome he is so ill stop here. I just didn't know that this is how love and life is suppose to be but it sure feels good. He's an awesome roll model for my kids and I can't get enough of him.


Jennifer & Colby Mack - To vote text JENBY to 306-631-9467

I am Jennifer mack and my husband is Colby mack. We gor married in june of thia year.
Our love story start online i know nothing  fancy, but it was definitely different colby actually stood me up then1st time we where  supposed to meet up for our 1st date. He said he got to busy and forgot ha ha. I lived in swift current  at the time he lived in moose jaw.  So ingnored him for a while and he was persistent and wantes another chances so i said yes and sure enough he showed up thoa time and we had supper at BP and went for ice cream. The rest  is history and veru happy. We have 2 boys and 1 more on the way.
I sure gald i decided to give him another chance.
Kevyn Gadd & Desiree Heilman - To vote text KEVREE to 306-631-9467
My fiance (Desiree Heilman ) and I ( Kevyn Gadd) met ten years (2008) ago through a mutual friend at an 80s party I hosted. Fast forward to 2014 after my double lung transplant and Desiree had become a co worker of my sister and we started to spend some time together as our first date on Dec 6th 2015 included watching Elf drinking wine after the santa Claus parade. We fell in love and then after crossing the finish line at the 3rd annual transplant trot I got down on one knew and proposed. We are getting married in June and couldn't be happier. 
Michelle & Jeff Dodd - To vote text JEFELE to 306-631-9467
Our love story began 16 years ago Feb 1st. Jeff had been asking me out for 5 years and I finally said yes. Being a single mother of a 8 year old son I expected a lot of any man I dated and had a rule that you can't meet my son till we've dated 6 months.  Well Jeff broke my rules and said he loved me and knew my son and I were a package deal. He began taking my son for one on one time and within 11 months asked my son if he could marry me . My son said yes and they both proposed to me. We were married the following year in August and Jeff and my son also said wedding vows to one another. We've been married 15 years this August and have another son who is 11. He's the most wonderful husband and father to our boys and still makes my heart skip a beat.  I'm forever thankful he never gave up on me. Jeff and Michelle Dodd 


Troy and Kristi.jpg

Kristi & Troy Dekker - To vote text KRIROY to 306-631-9467

Troy and I met 17 years ago and have been together since grade 12 (16 years ago) we have been married 11 years.  We have 2 beautiful children Brooklyn who is 10 and Xavier who is 6.  Troy has worked for CP rail for 13 years and doesn’t get a lot of time off for us to go anywhere and if we do get time it’s usually spent with our 2 children. Troy has supported me and our children anyway he can and I would love to show him how much I appreciate him. He is my Husband, my rock, my supporter and my best friend.  I could not imagine going through this crazy thing called life without you.  Getting some time to relax and have no worries for one day would be great.

Joel & annie.jpg

Joel Kot and Annie Dombowsky - To vote text ANNJOE to 306-631-9467
Joel and I would love to be considered for Moose jaw’s Sweetest Couple! Our love story began back in 2009. I was a senior at Central Collegiate when i met Joel. He was leaning on his red saturn in a leather jacket and a backwards hat. We started talking and instantly connected. That night I told my friend, Kaylee that i was going to date that man if it was the last thing i did. Joel messaged me on Facebook and made plans for us to go skating. He was a former WHL player and I was figure skater. 
We were inseparable and would take any chance we could to spend time together. Joel worked very early in the morning, sometimes at 3am. He would come over to my house after I was finished school and we would hang out till he had to go to work. Joel didn’t get much sleep that year lol. 
After I graduated, I was accepted to go to school in California and my parents would not take no for an answer. The day Joel and I said good bye was straight from a movie-obviously it was raining. So I moved to California and Joel moved to Dauphin, Manitoba for hockey. We attempted long distance for months. At this time 3G network was brand new and was not accessible in Dauphin. So Joel wasn’t able to use his new iPhone to contact me, but could only contact me through the land line or his computer using the Dial Up at his Billet’s house. This made this difficult because she was on the phone majority of the day. Accepting that our timing was not right, we broke up. 
I spent 3 years in California, a year in Calgary and then moved home for a year. All throughout these years,  our mutual friends were always trying to get us back together but our timing was always off. In 2015, I was planning to move to Vancouver for school, I had a job, and an apartment ready for me to move into in two weeks. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about Joel. So I decided to call Joel up and go for coffee before I left. As soon as we saw each other it felt like nothing had changed, we picked up right where we left off 5 years ago. We spent the rest of the day together with some of my friends and even ended up having dinner at my parent’s house. By the end of the night I couldn’t help my tell Joel how I felt about him all these years. He said he’s been dreaming of this day for 5 years and felt the same way. I decided to not move to Vancouver. We both made the best decisions of our lives to pursue this relationship and we have been in love ever since.
tim and corrine.jpg
Tim and Corrine Avery - To vote text TIMCON to 306-631-9467
We have been together for almost 9 years.. have two wonderful kids together and are married now for 5 months... and many more wonderful years to come. ..

Chad and Trisha Eros - To vote text CHASHA to 306-631-9467

We have been married for 21, very busy, very eventful years.

We have been so fortunate to have lived and discovered life together from a young age, having gotten married when we were 18 and 21 years old. 

We have pursued many adventures together, singing and performing in bands, writing songs and recording CD's, owning a family tax and accounting business, but by far, our greatest adventure is our family, our 12 beautiful children. 

Our adventure has taken us from Regina, where we met and were married, to Chilliwack, BC, where we've lived for the past 11 years of our marriage. Recently, our adventure has yet again taken a turn, where we now call Moose Jaw home. 

Our life has been busy, hard, challenging, and exhausting, but so much fun, full, worthwhile, and rewarding. Through all the craziness and the ups and downs, the most important thing is to stay connected to each other, make time for each other, always let each other know how important and loved the other is, and to be each other's biggest fan. We know how important it is to our family, and that the time and effort we put into us will leave a legacy for our children, and the generations to come. Whenever our little kids cry, or the big kids complain when we go out on dates, we ask them if they want to have a good mom and dad, who care about and love each other, and remind them that when we get to spend time together and continue to get to know each other, then our family will be and remain strong. And to us, that is the sweetest thing. ❤️

steve & lauralee.jpg
Steve & Lauralee - To vote text STELEE to 306-631-9467
There are many sweet couples that deserve to win but I want to share our personal love story. 
We had both said never again! Here we are, two years later and we will be married in less than four months. Again, like our love story, our wedding will be unique , simple and special. We were not looking but I shared my personal story of my journey to become healthy by running, by losing over 200 lbs, and making better life choices. Steve replied to my story ànd told me he thought I was amazing and beautiful. I could write for hours and describe our connection and our similarities but it would take too long. We talked constantly, whenever we could and it wasn't long before we knew we had to meet. I resided in another province and we visited back and forth. We realized we are not kids and both knew we had to be together. There were so many parallels and we shared and continue to share the same passions, interests and values. Having grown children, and grandchildren, I decided to relocate so we could be together. We ran our first half marathon together, and have ran a few since, as well as many other runs. We will be running our first full marathon this September. We took a trip back to my home province and this past summer, we took a road trip back East also. It was like a dream come true. To see our children and grandchildren in one place was amazing. Steve asked me to marry him after we visited my parents grave, for the second time. Being old fashioned, he still had to talk to my parents. 
I look forward to every single day now. Every day is a new day to create memories. Our relationship hasn't come without challenges but they are just speed bumps we must jump over to get to the finish line, and we will. I had terrific role models. My parents were in love and married for so long. I'm so thankful to be alive and Steve and I cherish every day together. We watch The Notebook all the time. Steve inspires me to be a better person, a better Mom, Stepmom, Grandma, friend and woman. 
Our next tattoo, after we are married will be "To the Finish Line" 
Don't give up on love. It is never too late. When you find it, hold on and never let go! 
Holly Taylor & Cory White - To vote text HOLORY to 306-631-9467
Our love story.... Friends forever.  Our story is long with many bumps and trials. First as friends from high school then our paths crossed later in life. I can tell you tho, recently life has brought us closer together then ever.  A year ago we found out we were expecting our sweet miracle.  A normal pregnancy with a twist at the end led to the premature birth of our daughter Lily.  Lily came when I was 29wks, she weighed 1lbs12oz.  This little fighter put us thru the fight of a lifetime. It was a roller coaster of ups downs and all arounds.  But with that our love grew stronger.  We stood strong and held each other up at every turn.  We knew we could always count on the other person!  We are each other’s rocks and will always lift each other up! Without each other we would have never survived this roller coaster ride.
Mike & Brandi Kuntz - To vote text BRAMIK to 306-631-9467

Mike and I have been attracted to one another long before we had ever met.

I remember being at the gym stealing a glance or two or five (whos counting?) of him lifting weights from behind the treadmill. He had always been that hot guy from the gym (I didn't know his name).  He remembers seeing me at a few farm party's and thought I was pretty damn sexy (His words not mine!!) But yet we had never had the guts to talk... Until many years later. 


Late Sept 2008 I was working at Champs as a waitress, and that is where Mike finally made his first move to speak to me. Yes it did take some liquid courage for him to do so but he finally introduced himself. I didn't take it for much because working in that world that happened often... it wasn't until later in the week I got a Facebook message from him (yes I totally freaked out!). We talked online for a few weeks (at times with the help of my mom, she's really good with words), we got to know each other a lot! Then it was time to finally meet up, we decided to go out with a bunch of people to take some of the jitters away (It didn't help, he made me so nervous). I couldn't even look at him! So later in the night I was finally brave enough to talk to him in person. We ended up having an amazing night that night. Our love for each other grew fast, by Nov 11 2008 he had asked me to be his girl friend and by that Christmas we moved in together... the rest is history. 


Now today, we have been married 5 1/2 years, we share two spectacular little boys together and have experienced so many  ups and downs that those experiences have made us into force to be reckoned with. You can ask anyone who is or has been married... MARRAGE IS HARD! It takes commitment, communication, trust, forgiveness, support, and a willingness to admit you are wrong and learn from your mistakes. People are forever changing and you have to be willing to grow with one another.


I'm not going to sit here and tell you all that we have a storybook life, we are far from perfect. In the short time Mike and I have been together we have learned all of those things listed above by trial and error. It hasn't been, nor will it always be rainbows and sunshine between us, we are still two individuals with our own opinions and needs. So with that being said I'm so thankful I've met someone that thrives on seeing my light shine bright, and I crave to see him doing what makes him smile. Life is too short to live unhappy.


Mike has supported me in my dreams and I have done the same for him. He makes me laugh every single day! He makes me feel beautiful and sexy. He accepts me as I am and never judges me. He is such an amazing life partner.  I'm so thankful our life paths crossed when they did. 

So why do I feel we deserve to have a chance to win the Moose Jaw's Sweetest Couple contest?  We are truly madly deeply in love! We are honest, and real about how we have grown into the couple we are today.  This is only the first 10 years of our lives together, BRING ON ANOTHER 60! We are looking forward to it! 


Terry & Tracy White - To vote text TERACY to 306-631-9467

We are Terry and Tracy White. We have been togethor for 18 years and have been married for 5 months. We met 18 years ago when I went to an outdoor concert in Minnedosa , Manitoba with my best friend, and he was there with his friends. We were both walking on the concert grounds and I turned a corner and he literally ran into me. He apologized to me and we began talking . And here we are, 18 yrs later. We would love to win this prize package as we just got married and would love some things to help us celebrate our first Valentine's Day as a married couple.  


Jesse & Mike Boss - To vote text MIKSSE to 306-631-9467

My name is Jesse Boss and my husband's name is Mike Boss. When we met we were teenagers. I had just recovered from almost dying from a tumor and was stuck with my abusive family. He was addicted to a large variety of drugs and partied alot. Our first date was Christmas night and from then on we were inseperatable. Within a year he had come clean from everything for me and asked me to marry him. He lost so many friends, he went through horrible withdrawals and always says he would do it again for me in a heartbeat because he wants us to have an amazing life. His motivation to succeed in life is so strong it's infectious! His passion lights a fire under me and I love it. His support gives me the strength to stand up to the worst demons in my life with courage in my heart. He rubs my feet, he writes me poetry and he cooks for me. This December he left to attend a renown cooking school in france for a year. This is the first time in 8 years we've been separated and saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. We're a team, us against the world. I miss him everyday and he misses me everyday. His chef asks his students to pull from the pain and triumph in their lives to create their dishes and when he cooks he thinks of me and the beauty in his plates brings me to tears. I love my husband and I can't wait to be in his arms again in Paris.


Teri & Greg Therens - To vote text GRETER to 306-631-9467

My name is Teri Therens
My husband Greg was born in Dec Friday the 13th, he lived on the 13 hundred block of Atha st as he grew up, when he was 13 he met me, i was just turning 13, We dated for 5 years when he said we should get married, i said okay, we waited until we were both 18 so we were both legal to have a drink. On Friday the 13th of August we got married. Our first apartment was #13. Thankfully Greg didnt want 13 kids. We have two beautiful daughters, two awesome sons in law and 3 of the best grandsons. 
When the new mail system came into place, well our box number is 13. Greg will not fly in a plane but for our 40th wedding anniversary he surprized me and booked us a wonderful trip to Niagra Falls, he said for you its our 40th I will get on a plane. It was the best trip ever. He said he will take me any i would lije to go but only if he drives, no plane included this time. Greg is still a gentleman, always opens the doors for me and does alot of the household chores, 
Our 42nd anniversay .
13 is a very lucky number






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