Moose Jaw's Sweetest Couple 2018 is Brandi and Mike Kuntz!!

Brandi and Mike win a couple's spa package from Sahara Spa, tickets to see Hedley tomorrow night at Mosaic Place and a pair of tickets to Rubarb Production's "All You Need is Love" show at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre!!

Here's their entry:

I'm Brandi Kuntz and my husbands name is Mike Kuntz.


Mike and I have been attracted to one another long before we had ever met.

I remember being at the gym stealing a glance or two or five (whos counting?) of him lifting weights from behind the treadmill. He had always been that hot guy from the gym (I didn't know his name).  He remembers seeing me at a few farm party's and thought I was pretty damn sexy (His words not mine!!) But yet we had never had the guts to talk... Until many years later. 

Late Sept 2008 I was working at Champs as a waitress, and that is where Mike finally made his first move to speak to me. Yes it did take some liquid courage for him to do so but he finally introduced himself. I didn't take it for much because working in that world that happened often... it wasn't until later in the week I got a Facebook message from him (yes I totally freaked out!). We talked online for a few weeks (at times with the help of my mom, she's really good with words), we got to know each other a lot! Then it was time to finally meet up, we decided to go out with a bunch of people to take some of the jitters away (It didn't help, he made me so nervous). I couldn't even look at him! So later in the night I was finally brave enough to talk to him in person. We ended up having an amazing night that night. Our love for each other grew fast, by Nov 11 2008 he had asked me to be his girl friend and by that Christmas we moved in together... the rest is history. 

Now today, we have been married 5 1/2 years, we share two spectacular little boys together and have experienced so many  ups and downs that those experiences have made us into force to be reckoned with. You can ask anyone who is or has been married... MARRAGE IS HARD! It takes commitment, communication, trust, forgiveness, support, and a willingness to admit you are wrong and learn from your mistakes. People are forever changing and you have to be willing to grow with one another.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you all that we have a storybook life, we are far from perfect. In the short time Mike and I have been together we have learned all of those things listed above by trial and error. It hasn't been, nor will it always be rainbows and sunshine between us, we are still two individuals with our own opinions and needs. So with that being said I'm so thankful I've met someone that thrives on seeing my light shine bright, and I crave to see him doing what makes him smile. Life is too short to live unhappy.

Mike has supported me in my dreams and I have done the same for him. He makes me laugh every single day! He makes me feel beautiful and sexy. He accepts me as I am and never judges me. He is such an amazing life partner.  I'm so thankful our life paths crossed when they did. 

So why do I feel we deserve to have a chance to win the Moose Jaw's Sweetest Couple contest?  We are truly madly deeply in love! We are honest, and real about how we have grown into the couple we are today.  This is only the first 10 years of our lives together, BRING ON ANOTHER 60! We are looking forward to it! 

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