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Tenacity and Patience. A local business developer needs a bit of both as MackSun Solar continues to wait for SaskPower to make a decision on who will get the official thumbs up to sell solar-generated electricity to the Crown Corporation in the province.

President Tim Mack has proposed a novel project that would see not only a solar farm in an area west of Hamilton Flats in Moose Jaw but a solar engineers classroom on-site through a partnership with Sask Polytechnic. With all of the support from the city and what appears to be a solid plan towards renewable power, Councillor Don Mitchell questioned why it's taking so long.

"I think for a solar project of this magnitude, there's probably a real angst to make sure that it's done properly and done right the first time because it will be what's measured going forward," replied Mack during the Monday evening council meeting.

"In the interest of all of the voters and the people of Saskatchewan, the first project needs to be done right and that will be the framework for future projects."

MackSun has a conditional land purchase agreement with the City of Moose Jaw but the deadline was supposed to be the end of the month. Due to the issues with SaskPower, council has agreed to extend the $96,000 agreement until June 2019.

This is the third time the contract has been given an extension. Originally, it was to end in December 2016 with construction expected to start in the spring of 2017 but was extended to September 2017 and then to June of 2018. Following the second extension, we contracted SaskPower to see where their planning was for the project but they couldn't provide any details, simply saying they were still committed to a promise to move towards renewable energy.

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