A report to city council shown on Monday, March 23, revealed Moose Jaw is losing Saskatchewan provincial government jobs at an alarming rate.

Council was particularly concerned about the Sask Polytech campus, where there has been a 22 percent drop in full-time equivalent positions since 1995 and a decrease of 5 percent in total expenditures among all locations.

You can click here to read the initial article on the report.

Dr. Rosia, Sask Polytech’s president, and CEO responded to the report, by saying the institute has had to shift programs to different locations - depending on where the highest demand is. As well as canceling some.

In a media release from Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Dr Rosia said 'Each year, we review programs in order to properly invest in the resources that will maximize benefits to both students and employers. Resources are allocated to growth areas to ensure our institution remains responsive to industry needs and student demand. Sometimes this analysis includes moving programs from one campus to another to better meet student demand. In other cases, it may result in additional programs offered or programs cancelled, which may affect employment"

Dr. Rosia went on to say Moose Jaw wasn't the only campus that had employee numbers decrease, but Saskatoon as well.

"As a steward of taxpayer dollars, this approach is not only prudent, it is the responsible thing to do. While acknowledging that full-time equivalent (FTE) figures have decreased over a five-year period at the Moose Jaw Campus (from approximately 301 FTEs in 2014-15 to 251 FTEs in 2018-19), it is important to point out that this was the overall trend for the entire institution—including Saskatoon. In 2014-15, Sask Polytech had approximately 1,715 FTEs. Last year it was 1,597."

"While FTE figures are important, however, they only tell a partial story. In a larger context, we believe that our greatest impact stems from the education, skills training, and career enhancement we provide students, many of whom end up settling in Moose Jaw to raise families, buy homes, purchase vehicles, and serve the communities in many positive ways. Jobs and the nature of work have, and will continue to change. As a result, our programs must change to ensure Saskatchewan’s workforce remains innovative and competitive. What will not change, however, is our commitment to student success and to the communities they serve, including Moose Jaw."

SK Polytechnic Release March 28



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