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It seems that as soon as the snow clears up, motorcycle drivers are chomping at the bit to wipe off the dust and hop on their hog to hit the road. 

However, like any time someone is operating a motor vehicle there's plenty of safety tips to remember, not only for people riding the motorcycle, but for all drivers on the road. 

"Drivers should look twice when making a left hand turns, that's a big one. When making a left hand turn in an intersection make sure there isn't a motorcycle concealed behind oncoming vehicles," explained Tyler McMurchy with SGI's Media Relations. "Be especially cautious at busy intersections, where it may be difficult to immediately see a motorcyclist. Look, look, and then look again."

For this entire month local law enforcement and SGI are turning their attention to drivers in the Graduated Driver Licensing Program and riders in the Motorcycle Graduated Driver Licensing Program, as it's the spotlight for June. They chose these types of drivers as it's grad season and a lot of young people may be out and about or possibly driving long distances for a summer vacation, and because during the summer months there's always increased motorcycle traffic.

Those who are operating a two and three-wheeled mode of transportation also have safety requirements according to McMurchy. 

"They need to wear the full helmet, have eye protection, they also need to have their arms and legs covered where hands are covered by gloves and ankles covered by boots. There's lots of great information on our website. They also need a placard indicating they're a part of the Graduated Driver Licensing Program."

He also added that there are a few things motorcyclists can do to increase the chances of being seen by other drivers and some things they should be aware of before hitting the road. 

"Make sure they're visible in the lanes that they're driving in, we recommend that they don't ride side by side and take up the full lane, move around a bit in that lane so that drivers around you can see you. We advise motorcyclists always need to beware of road conditions like loose gravel and potholes."

Click here to head to the SGI website for more information. 


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