Police Stations and RCMP detachments were under the spotlight last week as a New York based Human Rights Group and the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations released a report calling for better treatment for Indigenous women in the province.

The report detailed over 60 allegations of mistreatment by Saskatchewan policing authorities, and though the Moose Jaw Police Service and Moose Jaw RCMP were not mentioned in the document, Police Chief Rick Bourassa is taking in the information that was shared. 

"We will always be looking at improving ourselves and when I see a report like this and there are some concerns raised it's important that we go back and make sure to review our processes," explained Bourassa. "To make sure everything is being done properly, so we will do that ... It's always a work in progress to make sure we are staying as up to date as we can."

Bourassa said our local police agency will be carefully combing through the recommendations in the report and making any needed adjustments to their current policing practices.

"It's a good reminder to us that we need to continue to work on those things, it's really important that we as a police service are doing the right things and we maintain public trust and confidence. The recommendations that I see in the report are not surprising, they are for the most part things that we have been working on and will continue to work on."

To be proactive with this new information he said police will continue to keep an open dialogue with residents to make sure there is constant communication. 

"Part of doing that is to make sure that we are involved with community activities and to make sure we're involved with agencies who that are delivering services, so that we can get direct feedback from people and always be aware of what we need to do to provide the services that people need us to provide."  

He noted that he hopes the mistreatment doesn't apply to the police here and residents of our city, and wants to see relationships continue to grow between each side. 


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