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Just as it was predicted a few weeks ago, phone scammers are out in full force following tax season. 

It's quite often that local law enforcement says they receive calls from residents who have been victimized by a scam; however, on Tuesday the number of complaints were a little higher than normal. 

According to the police report over 80 calls came in from people claiming they were contacted by someone saying their taxes were unpaid. 

"We've a very large volume of phone calls from people within our community indicating they've been receiving scam phone calls from people claiming to be with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Taxation Canada," explained Sgt.Kevin Pilsworth. These are clearly scams; the CRA does not engage in these types of calls, these are scams."

"It's not limited to two particular phone numbers, but we have a couple of phone numbers in particular starting with area code 226 that have called. I'd really like to get the word out to the people of our community that this is not legitimate."

With culprits digging into their usual bag of tricks saying that the police will be sent to your door unless you abide by their demands, Sgt. Pilsworth said that will not happen. 

"It's incredibly rare to see any type of warrants that have to do with the Canada Revenue Agency. In this case too it's one of the tactics that they're using, they are making the threat that arrest warrants will be put out and police will be showing up at their door. I'm here to say that this is not the case."

Sgt.Pilsworth also added that 99% of the time when someone phones you claiming you owe them money and it needs to be sent right away, that it more than likely is a scam. 

He's advising residents to hang up the phone if you receive a call of this nature. Write down the number and call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.  



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