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We're less than a week away before we fill out a ballot for the by-election. 

As we look to fill the vacant spot on city council, we're reintroducing you to the candidates vying for the seat through a feature called Meet the Candidates. 

We asked all four candidates Heather Eby, Doug Blanc, Mike Bachiu and Steven White, the same series of questions. 

Bachiu, our third of four candidates, answered with the following to our first question, which was 'what needs to happen in order to get the two facilities out from under the negative cloud?' In regards to the Downtown Facility and Fieldhouse after an investigation took place and three councilors were sanctioned as a result. 

"I believe we should have a third party or (arena) management firm take over the DFFH for the city. This would, of course, carry a cost, but it would allow world-class professionals to take over the management of the facilities, so it could be utilized to their maximum potential. This would allow Moose Jaw to reap the benefits of well-run arenas and allow the board to operate more as policy board than a management board."

The second question was 'what is the biggest challenge the city faces and how do you plan to address it, if elected?'

"People seem to have a distrust of city administration, city council, basically anyone in a suit at city hall. Issues like the implementation of curbside pickup, (the) recent removal of parking exemptions, it's kind of left a bad taste in citizens mouths. We have to explore why community engagement is being treated as an afterthought or completely ignored. This city is filled with some very intelligent people who may have some brilliant ideas and I don't understand why city hall seems opposed to their input."

And lastly, 'Infrastructure and how to pay for it have been a major concern for years. Do you raise taxes or borrow money?'

"Those kinds of issues all kind of point to the same direction, we need more money. But if we borrow money, we're just agreeing to higher taxes down the road. Nobody wants sky high taxes, but if we keep borrowing at this rate, there's probably going to come a day that we just can't repay the debts. I think a modest tax increase now makes a lot more sense, than extremely high tax increases in a few years."

He's facing Doug Blanc, Heather Eby and Steven White in the by-election, we head to the polls on October 17th. 

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