James Gallo

He's our "Hometown Hero" on 800 CHAB today.  He is the Voice of the Warriors James Gallo.

We're saluting James after he reached a milestone on the weekend, calling his 800th Western Hockey League game on the radio.

It was almost 20 years ago when I first met James.  He was a young broadcasting student coming out of a trade school in Vancouver but he hailed from Strasbourg, Saskatchewan.  He wanted to work here.  We made it happen.  We're glad we did.

James Gallo has become a true Moose Javian.  He's a good husband, the father of two beautiful little girls and he contributes to our community in a number of worthwhile ways.

James, as most of you will know, is the Moose Jaw Warriors' communications manager and the now long-time voice of the Warriors.  He's really good at what he does.

Way to go, James Gallo, 800 CHAB's "Hometown Hero" today.  We're lucky to have you.

Ted Knight

His is a success story - a remarkable career in the automobile industry.  He succeeded, expanded and became a highly respected business leader in Regina, Moose Jaw and elsewhere.  Ted Knight passed away on Friday. 

I'll remember Ted for his 10 years with the Regina Pats.  He and Bill Hicke, Morley Gusway, Jack Nichol and Huddy Bell owned the Pats for 10 years through 1996.  Those were good times.  If Hicke wasn't cutting up the Warriors and Moose Jaw, Knight jumped in.  On one occasion he got Warriors fans all fired up when he called our city "a village".

I remembered that and many years later I happened to see Ted Knight in Moose Jaw.  He was at the Hillcrest Golf Club, putting on a golf day for his local employees.  He recognized me and said, "Hello". 

I said, "Hello, Mr. Knight.  Welcome to the Village Club!"  We had a good laugh.

Ted Knight, by the way, was a pretty good hockey player when he was a kid.  He played junior for the Winnipeg Braves when they won the Memorial Cup in 1958.   

Friends and family will say "so long" to Ted Knight at a memorial service tomorrow afternoon at the Conexus Arts Centre.

Facebook Update!

It's like a special service for those of you not engaged on social media.  It's time to share some of the most entertaining posts.

Here's one from a woman who says, "I love early mornings when I have to turn up the heat because it's chilly in the house...and you can jump back into bed for a few more minutes."  Really?  I like summer.

Here's a guy who says, "At what point in our lives is walking considered exercise?  I walk around...and people are always stopping and asking if I need a ride.  I always say "No, thank you", and they always say, "Wow, you like exercise?"  "Unless you're over 70", he says, "walking is not exercise."

Here's one of my Facebook friends posting an article about a new study that finds people over 40 years of age would be more productive if they moved to a 3 day work week.  I'm gonna read that one later.

Oh, and here's someone wishing a friend a happy "belated" birthday and I wonder, why bother?  Just wait 'til next year.

And this Facebook post from someone who says, "Yay, Vegas in April for the curling!"  I think that might be the only time anyone has ever written that line.  Vegas for curling?  What's the world coming to?

95 Years of CHAB

We're celebrating 95 years of radio at 800 CHAB this fall.  It was 1922 when we first went to air with the call letters 10 AB. 

We're asking you to share your special memories.  If you do, you could win an invitation to our exclusive 95th anniversary celebration featuring the UnCoolas!  

Maybe you won a special prize or you remember a special moment in time that you heard first on 800 CHAB.  Maybe it was a program or an announcer you loved to listen to.

I have some special memories.  I clearly recall listening to "The Electric Lunch" when I was in high school and tuning in every night at 8:00 to hear Gerry "O'Rock" O'Day tell me,  "It's 8 O'Rock....I'm Gerry "O'Rock" O'Day".  It was awesome.  Oh, and I'll certainly be sharing some stories about the great times I've had since I got my dream job back in 1986.

Join us and take part by sharing your CHAB memories.  Call and talk to us.  The number is 691 1445.  Thanks!

Fire Prevention

This is Fire Prevention Week.  It's so the kids can learn about fire prevention and what to do in the event of a fire.  Right?  Listen to this.

Cooking-related fires top the list of unintentional residential fires.  With that in mind, the Regina Fire Department teamed up with the University of Regina to find ways to reverse that trend.

The evidence-based research includes things like risk and behaviour stemming from 884 residential cooking fires over two years.  

Interesting to note, overseas-born newcomers had a "relative incidence risk 1.8 times that of the Canadian-born population."

They also found most cooking incidents "occurred because the cook was distracted while preparing the meal" and that "serious cooking incidents were considerably more likely to occur when the resident left home while cooking, fell asleep or was impaired by alcohol or drugs."

It's also interesting to note, almost half of those who tried to intervene to stop the fire from spreading "engaged in behaviours that were unsafe or inappropriate".

Fire Prevention Week.  It's for the kids, right?

Know the Rules

Road rage.  We all get a little upset from time-to-time when we're operating a motor vehicle, right?  

I witnessed a dangerous situation on the Trans Canada Highway last night which was created by a driver who, in my opinion, should not have a license.

The person was driving a car at a rate of speed which was probably pretty close to the speed limit.  That car was in the passing lane.  Others who were driving a little faster had to pass in the right-hand lane.

As I approached, preparing to pass on the right, an emergency vehicle was quickly coming up from behind.  My move?  Pull over to the right and give that speeding police car lots of room to pass.  That's right.  I pulled over and got out of the way.  

That car in the passing lane didn't move.  The driver did not move to the right.  The officer drove the police car right up to that driver's back bumper - flashing lights engaged.  Finally, the stubborn and ignorant driver of that car pulled over - yes, to the left...where's there's really no room for a vehicle, creating more danger.

That police officer did not attempt to pass on the right.  He or she just stayed behind the offending driver, obviously to send a message and, perhaps, teach a lesson.

But, something tells me that driver won't get it.  What that driver should get is a hefty fine for obstructing a police officer and another one for being an idiot.


What are YOU thankful for this Thanksgiving?  I've got about 60 seconds here and there's no way I could tell you everything I'm thankful for.

And, you know, it's not just at Thanksgiving that I think about it.  I try to take time every day to look around or, perhaps reflect on my day, and just feel good about being so fortunate.

I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.  It's a safe place in a beautiful river valley.  We have a wonderful community with people who look after each other.  Most of us have more than we need and many of us help out our friends and neighbours who don't.

We have the security of good health care and protective services.  We have wonderful facilities for those of us who enjoy the arts and sports.

So, at Thanksgiving, when you add some family, friends and good food to all of the above, it really doesn't get much better, does it?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Turkey or Ham?

Is it turkey or ham for you on Thanksgiving?  And what's the best side dish?  Important questions being asked and answered on the CHAB Facebook page today.  Oh, just reading the answers will make your mouth water.

Lisa says, "Ham with baked cream pierogies!  This is a meal that can be reheated and not be dried out plus you can make deadly homemade pea soup with the ham bone and leftover meat."  

Duane says, "Ham!  Turkey's for the birds!  Mashed potatoes and mustard sauce for the ham!"

Debra said, "Definitely honey glazed ham.  Side dish would be bacon Brussel sprouts."

And then Shelley says, "Turkey and beet rolls.  They have become my tradition with my kids and they love them."

So then, CHAB's Barrie Vice asks, "How do you make beet rolls?"

And a guy named Russ says, "You push them down a hill....that's how you make beets roll."

Happy Thanksgiving!

Minimum Wage

So, as of October 1st, minimum wage is up from $10.72 an hour to $10.96.  Yes, an increase of 24 cents.

The CEO at the local Chamber of Commerce, Rob Clark, says it's "all good" and while 24 cents an hour might not seem like much, he expects it'll be a significant boost for some.

The relatively small increase has many calling for a boost to $15.00 an hour but the Canadian Federation of Independent Business says an increase of that magnitude would "be a job killer for Saskatchewan's youth."

In fact, their study shows an increase that big would result in the loss of between 7500 and 17,000 jobs in our province.

The CFIB points to the fact that a number of sectors, including retail and hospitality, employ a large number of young people and those are the industries hardest hit when the minimum wage goes up.  They say we should be looking at a balance of raising wages, reducing income taxes and helping low-income workers upgrade their skills.

Living Life

I think I'm likely in the majority when I say I'm not a "risk taker".  I don't think I'll ever try skydiving or parasailing.  It's dangerous.  I might get hurt.

Then again, I don't fear flying and I have taken a number of trips via jet airliner including stops in New York and Las Vegas.  

I was in New York years after 9-11.  I felt safe but the terrorist attacks were always in the back of my mind.  In fact, I walked around the area where the World Trade Centre's Twin Towers once stood.  I just had to.

I'm pretty sure I'll travel to Las Vegas again.  And, you know I'll be thinking about this past weekend's massacre.  Dozens of fun loving people were shot and killed senselessly and hundreds more were injured.  

Many of us will have reservations about traveling again but we can't be afraid.  That's what the terrorists and nut jobs want.  They want us to be afraid.  If their actions stop us from living life, they win. is Moose Jaw's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.