Speaking about farmer empowerment, the Farmers of North America were among the presenters at the Farming for Profit conference in Moose Jaw this week.

Bob Friesen said it's important for as many farmers and general farm organizations as possible work together on policy and carry one simple message.

"FNA offers another level of empowerment and that is to grab back the agenda from the consolidated upstream industry and get farmers back some control."

For example, when fertilizer prices doubled and tripled when grain and oilseed prices strengthened was a time when a stronger voice for farmers was needed.

"The fertilizer institute said 'while manufacturing costs haven't really gone up, we're charging the prices that we are because we can.' That's why farmers need to become members of FNA, so the concentrated upstream industry can no longer do things just because they can."

Friesen went on to say a lot of farmers are losing their power because they can't compete with agricultural policy in the United States. is Moose Jaw's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.