Oh, the local experts are all commenting and I suppose they've earned the right, especially those who have supported our community-owned junior hockey club since we got 'em in 1984.

This year's edition of the Moose Jaw Warriors is special.  We have offensive firepower, a solid defence, an outstanding goalie and a couple of tough guys.  The ingredients for a championship are there and then yesterday, at the trading deadline, General Manager Alan Millar added to the mix.  He got star defenceman Kale Clague from Brandon for two, talented young players, two first round draft picks and a second rounder.  

So, one of the first comments I see on social media was, "We gave up too much."

I disagree.  We've had our WHL team in Moose Jaw for close to 34 years and we've only been to the league final once.  We've never been to a Memorial Cup.  

General Manager Millar knows that.  He knows the history.  He knows the culture.  He has become a big part of it.  He's all-in.  We're all-in.  Our team, by the way, responded by crushing the Calgary Hitmen 8-3 last night.

Thanks, Alan Millar.  We deserve this.

Social Media

It has been several weeks since I performed this public service.  You see, I know not everyone is engaged on social media so, I want you to know what they're talking about.

Icy roads and sidewalks are a most popular topic today.  One of my Facebook friends made it to the US border this morning but she saw a number of vehicles in the ditches.  She's recommending we reduce our speed if we're traveling.

Here's a guy who says he's on a diet and the first 14 days of food arrived at his door yesterday.  He says he ate it all in 3 hours - 46 minutes.

Prime Minister Trudeau...congratulating Team Canada on their win at the World Junior Hockey Championship.  Theoren Fleury replied to him and asked if he'll be taxing their gold medals.  There was no retort from the PM.

Oh, and here's one from a woman who says, "Research has found that laughing for two minutes is just as good for you as a 20 minute jog."  So, she says, "I am now sitting in the park, laughing at all the joggers."

Legal Weed

Dozens, perhaps hundreds of Saskatchewan business people are anxiously working towards setting up shops to legally sell marijuana and the related products.

The provincial government laid out part of the plan yesterday.  Ensuring the "sale and regulation of cannabis in Saskatchewan strikes a balance between public safety and access for consumers," about 60 retail permits will be available for private stores in about 40 municipalities and First Nations.

It's interesting to note, Moose Jaw is eligible to have two registered cannabis stores but, municipalities can opt out of so desired.

The retailers and prospective retailers are excited about this because they're going to make money - big money.  In fact, some already are.  It'll be most interesting to see how it all unfolds.  

You know what else is going to happen?  Hundreds, maybe thousands of long-time marijuana users will be looking for apologies and compensation from the government.  All those people who were arrested, fined and incarcerated for possessing, smoking and selling marijuana.  Mark my words.

The Cowboy

There are so many stories.  They come from conversations, situations and incidents.  There were occasions, parties and trail rides.  If you ever worked or socialized with The Cowboy, every encounter was a new adventure.

Vern Traill, long-time general manager at 800 CHAB, passed away at age 92 last week.  Broadcasters from coast to coast are remembering and sharing stories today.  Exaggeration and embellishment?  Nope.  None needed.

He had a fishing derby in the swimming pool at a local hotel.  He once had The Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali, in his backyard for a barbecue.  Oh, and to raise money in an exhibition boxing match against Oilers' enforcer Dave Semenko.

Expecting limousines to take them from 15 Wing to their hotel after a flight on their boss's Lear jet,  Mark Messier, Craig MacTavish and Grant Fuhr rode on horse-drawn wagons instead on one sunny, summer's day.  Yep, all courtesy of The Cowboy.

He had a zest for life.  He attacked every day with enthusiasm whether he was selling ads for the radio or raising money for the Shrine Club.  He loved horses and radio and people.  He was a mentor and a motivator.  There was only one Vern Traill.

Happy trails, Cowboy.  Happy trails.

Jim Wiste

Jim Wiste passed away on Tuesday.  Many local hockey fans will remember him.

Wiste was a star for the Moose Jaw Canucks.  He played for his hometown team from 1961 through 1964.  He scored 37 goals and 97 points in 61 games back in the '63-'64 season.  A number of players on that team went on to play pro, including Wiste, who first starred with Denver University before moving on to play in the NHL with Chicago and Vancouver and in the old WHA with the Cleveland Crusaders and Indianapolis Racers.

Wiste settled back in Denver when his playing days were over.  He owned and operated The Campus Lounge for 40 years.  It's a popular spot for Denver University fans and players.  

He had a remarkable career and he followed that up with 40 years of re-living the glory days and telling stories in his own lounge.  How cool is that?

Jim Wiste was 70 years old when he died on Tuesday.  I just thought you'd like to know.

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