Not So Friendly City?

He couldn't say enough good things about us a couple of months ago.  Now?  Not so much.

Rock 'n roll legend Burton Cummings is under attack from the keyboard warriors on social media after a dispute over the noise bylaw went to city council this week.

You see, Burton and his partner live in a loft downtown.  A dance fitness business moved in downstairs recently and the music is pumpin' for the dancin' several nights a week. 

Apparently the tenants just can't come to a mutual solution so, exasperated,  Burton and his partner went to city hall with questions about the noise bylaw and now the issue is escalating.  The bullies are doing their thing on Facebook - some of the comments are almost unbelievable.

You might think the simple solution for Burton and his partner is to find a new place but, should they have to do that?  They like their home.  They used to enjoy their home and now they're not feeling "at home" in "The Friendly City".  

Moose Jaw might make national news again with this story.  You know, people across the country heard the "Moose Truce" story.  This time, we could be ridiculed for all the wrong reasons.

National Potato Chip Day

I'm not sure why we celebrate or who started it but I'm in favour of National Potato Chip Day.  We're being urged to celebrate the chip and buy a bag and enjoy.

I love that old, Old Dutch jingle - I still sing it to myself when I'm having some chips:  "...crispy, crunchy, light and snappy - Old Dutch Potato Chips!"

Did you know you can't get Ketchup flavoured chips in the United States?  I don't know the reason.  But, I know locals who stock up on 'em before they head south for the winter.

One of my sisters LOVES the onion 'n garlic chips.  She can't get them in BC.  My other sister buys them in Regina and ships them to Victoria.  

I can still remember when they came out with the sour cream 'n onion chips.  I couldn't get enough of 'em.  

You know, I've never met anyone who doesn't like chips.

Happy National Potato Chip Day.  Please enjoy responsibly.

Baby Names 2018

I wish I could lay down a bet on it in Las Vegas.  I think the odds are in favour.  I'm predicting there will be a number of young men named Liam marrying young women named Olivia within about 25 years.  

You see, there were 84 baby boys named Liam last year in Saskatchewan and 69 baby girls named Olivia.  This marks the 9th straight year that Liam was the most popular name for newborn boys and the 2nd consecutive year for Olivia.

Sask Health has released the top 20 baby names for 2018.  I like the fact new moms and dads are opting for some more traditional names these days.

Ava, Charlotte, Emily, Grace and Hazel are back in vogue while Jacob, Jack, James and William made the top 20 for boys.

I am alarmed, however, that Robert is not in the top 20.  It's such a versatile name.  Roberts can be Robertos and Rob'erts, Robs and Robbies and Bobs and Bobbys.  We need Bobbys.  We have to have Bobbys.

Napping Day

My day timer book tells me today is National Napping Day.  It's in recognition of the spring time switch to Daylight Savings Time.  Those who make the switch lose an hour so they need a nap to catch up, you see?

Those of us who get up early know all about the nap.  It's essential if we're to lead a normal life and spend time with friends and family in the evening hours.  I used to have an afternoon nap three or four times a week.

There was a time when I could sleep for four or five hours at night and follow that up with an hour or two in the afternoon and all was good.  I can't do that anymore.

I've found, as I've aged, if I go down for an afternoon nap it can turn into a lengthy rest.  True story - the last time I stretched out for a nap before supper I slept for 10 hours. - woke up at 2 AM.

Oh, I was well-rested...but I missed supper.

Daylight Savings Time

They made the switch yesterday to Daylight Savings Time.  They are Canadians from coast to coast, not including Saskatchewan.    An official government poll in 2011 showed the majority are against the switch here.

Liberal MP Ralph Goodale stirred the pot on Twitter yesterday, writing, "Dear Canada, thinking of you as you weather the calamity of Daylight Saving Time.  Saskatchewan will be dozing soundly, while the scourge robs you of another hour of sleep tonight."

Close to 4000 Canadians clicked "Like" while over 600 re-Tweeted and about 400 commented, including those against and in favour of DST.

However, it is the personal and political pokes I found most enjoyable, like this reply from "Denny", who wrote "Just the way you work, dozing.  You're past your expiration date.  Resign."

Then "Lorne" says, "Ralph gets his extra sleep during question period."

And then "Cameron" writes, "No amount of zzz (sleep) will change the fact that you still have to wake up in Saskatchewan."  

Cameron, you might guess, is from Toronto.

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