Carnie's Comments - The New Phone Book's Here!

I think I may have talked about this last year and maybe the year before but, I still get excited when the new phone book arrives and that it did yesterday.  It was in my mailbox when I got home.   

It's about half as thick as it was when we were kids with fewer people listed in the white pages and not as many advertising in the yellow pages. 

The phone book was an important tool for all of us not that long ago.  Nowadays...not so much.  The latest stats show more than half of us in Saskatchewan have a cellular telephone and no landline. 

You know something else that has changed?  We don't remember phone numbers anymore.  Most of us just look for the names of friends and family in our contracts list on our cell phones and touch the call button.  I can still recite a number of phone numbers for my buddies from back in grade 3 but I can't tell you what their cell numbers are today. 

It's all kind of troubling, isn't it?   It is what it is and what it is...is our new normal. 

Carnie's Comments - The Kids Used to Walk in Winter

Kids nowadays hear all about how tough we were when we were growing up, don't they? 

It's true.  When I was a boy in the 70s not many kids got rides to school or anywhere for that matter.  We all walked. 

In fact, if I wanted to attend Moose Jaw Canucks hockey games at the Civic Centre, I had to walk.  Once my dad got settled in after supper, he wasn't going out. 

My friends and I would walk the 10 blocks in bitter cold to see our team.  The games started at 8 o'clock back in those days.   

We'd walk along Saskatchewan Street to Henleaze Park and then we'd go down the back alley if we needed shelter from the cold, winter wind.  That alley-way is closed off now but it used to run west-east from Henleaze all the way to the back alley behind the Burger Palace.  Remember that? 

If we didn't eat too much at the game, we'd get a Baron Burger on the way home.  I'd take off my mitts and wrap my little hands around that warm, greasy burger and enjoy every bite.   

We wouldn't get home until after 11 o'clock some nights but, if I didn't get up for school the next morning, I wasn't allowed to go to the next game.  That was the deal.  You know, I don't think I ever missed a game. 

And now I'm hungry for a Baron Burger. 

Carnie's Comments - Half Way There!

It's an important milestone in my mind.  It's mid-January and that means we're halfway there - halfway finished with winter. 

Here's how I break it down.  We basically get six months of winter - mid-October through mid-April.  Then we get about two months of spring, two months of summer and about two months of autumn.  So, as of now, we're three months into winter.   

Oh, there's more nasty weather on the way.  It's not over.  In fact, the Old Farmer's Almanac forecast for the prairies predicts five more significant snow events and a couple of cold snaps between now and mid-April.  However, there is no mention of snow after the month of March in that forecast.  

So, work with me here.  I'm working with the glass half-full and walking on the sunny side of the street and marking this milestone.  We'll be trading in the snowblowers for lawnmowers and snow shovels for rakes before you know it. 

These days, it seems optimism is at a premium.  So, you're welcome. 

Carnie's Comments - Facebook Friday

It's time for Facebook Friday!  I find the funnies. 

This one, "It's Friday night in 1999.  You just went to Blockbuster and rented three movies.  Your best friend is coming over and you'll order pizza.  You don't realize it, but this is as good as it gets and it's really good." 

This young fellow shares, "Why is being an adult so expensive?  Like, I'm not even having a good time." 

Here's a sassy friend of mine who writes, "Tact is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic." 

A dog lover says, "I just watched my dog chase his tail for 5 minutes and thought, 'Wow, dogs are easily entertained'.  Then I realized, I just watched my dog chase his tail for 5 minutes." 

One of my favourite Facebookers shares, "The surface of the earth is about 70% water.  None of it is carbonated, thus, proving the earth is flat." 

And one more.  Words to live by.  "One day, you'll be but a memory for some people.  Do your best to be a good one." 

Carnie's Comments - Awards with a Theme

I'm not sure we've ever had a "theme" but in this case, at this time, I think it's appropriate and a great idea. 

"Acts of Kindness" is the theme for this year's Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce - 800 CHAB Citizen and Group of the Year Awards, presented by CAE. 

The Chamber is looking to us for nominations right now. 

The awards are presented to "recognize significant contributions to our city's quality of life, both social and economic, made by private citizens" and "increase public awareness of these contributions and give well-deserved tribute." 

We're looking for people and groups with a focus on volunteering.  Fundraising can come into play as well as unusual circumstances - locals who have gone above and beyond to make life better in our community. 

Off the top of my head, I can think of a number of people and organizations who are deserving but, you add the "Acts of Kindness" theme and that number grows. 

We work and live in one of the best places on the planet.  Let's celebrate. 

You can nominate people and groups at MJChamber.com 

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