Carnie's Comments - Facebook Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday.  Facebook Friday on the daily commentary! 

This author I follow shares, "Tablets were replaced by scrolls.  Scrolls were replaced by books.  Now we scroll through books on tablets." 

Here's a local mom who says, "The husband and I both have a cold.  The difference is I'm cleaning the kitchen and he's dying." 

I like this one, "Get my tires rotated?  Uh, pretty sure they rotate while I'm driving but thanks though." 

This movie buff shares, "Just once I want the opportunity to dramatically swipe everything off a table to make room for a giant map that I'll use to explain the plan." 

Here's a barber who shares, "Be nice to your hairstylist because what's stopping them from plucking one of your hairs and putting it at a crime scene?  Nothing." 

And, on a related note, "A truck carrying toupees crashed on the highway, spilling everything.  Police are combing the area." 

Carnie's Comments - You Gotta Laugh!

She is a nurse.  She works in Regina.  Her life has, no doubt, been stressful since the pandemic shut us down some 20 months ago now.   

Adding to her worries, as you can imagine, has been the fact she could be exposed to COVID-19 and take it home to her husband and young children.  She believes in science.  She has been a proponent of the vaccines and at times frustrated by those who aren't. 

It was in the middle of the blizzard yesterday she took some time to share this on social media; 

"Don't believe this snowstorm folks!  Scamstorm, just created by Big Weather and the tow and plow companies to get your money and take your freedom!  It's your right to drive whatever speed you want and end up in the ditch.  Don't be like a sheep, give 'er!  It's time we stand up to these snowflakes!  #Scamstorm" 

You see what she did there? 

Carnie's Comments - Valley of Lights

You know, in some ways, over the years, we've been a "shoulda, woulda, coulda" kind of community.  We should do that.  We could do that.  But we don't.  Well, now we do. 

The latest example is Wakamow Valley's plan to light up our lives with what they're calling the "Wakamow Winter Wonderland Valley of Lights".   

We've seen a number of other communities stage similar events and I've often wondered why we don't do it.  So did Wakamow's general manager Todd Johnson.  So, he's doing it. 

Johnson and his people have over 100,000 Christmas lights on the trees and bushes in and around the River Park Campground.  They flipped the switch and turned them on in a test run on Monday and, starting December 6th, they'll welcome locals and tourists alike to take the drive-through twinkle tour for $10 a carload.  It'll be spectacular. 

When I asked Todd where they got all the lights, he said "anywhere and everywhere we could" and then he said, "If you've been looking for Christmas lights and finding they're sold out, we're sorry." 

He's not really sorry.  Way to go Todd, way to go Wakamow.  Happy Holidays. 

Carnie's Comments - Science and Song

What's the greatest rock song of all time?  Over the years, Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven and the Beatles' Hey Jude have topped a number of surveys and contests but now science is coming into play.  Seriously. 

The Royal Society has published the study.  Researchers at a university in Denmark analyzed the streaming date for almost 4 million songs on Spotify and looked for patterns to the types of music people around the world listen to over 24-hour periods. 

They found we listen to different music at certain times of day.  Researchers found we like slow but energetic songs in the morning, loud and fast in the afternoon with dance music the most popular during the evening. 

And the scientists narrowed it down to one, ultimate, all-around song.  It topped the charts for 8 weeks back in 1983.  They found we listen to it at parties and weddings and while we run errands in the car. 

The greatest hit of all-time, according to science, is Every Breath You Take by The Police. 

Carnie's Comments - Bundle Up!

Can you imagine?  You're from a place where the temperature never dips below zero and you come to Canada to make a better life for yourself.  You arrive in the summer and suddenly, it's November and the air is so cold it hurts your face. 

It's a story we're telling on DiscoverMooseJaw.com today after the local Newcomer Welcome Centre put out a call for donations.  They're asking us to donate winter clothing for the people they work with. 

Brynn Stephanson, Information Advisor at the centre, told us "It seems that they are quite nervous, actually, about the winter." 

It reminds me of a story I've told a number of times - about a young man I was assisting after he arrived here from Africa.  It was a nice, warm, October day when I met with him at his place and among the topics was winter.  I was explaining, as simply as I could, that it was going to become very, very cold - very, very soon.  I wasn't sure he was picking up what I was dropping but then he went to his bedroom and came back with his arms full of winter gear. 

He put it all down on his couch and smiled and said, "Rob, I know.  I have heard.  The cold - it will attack me." 

If you have some winter boots, coats, scarves and mitts you're not using, please consider donating to the local Newcomer Welcome Centre.  It'll help our new friends survive the cold, Canadian winter and, it will warm your heart. 

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