New Food Guide

So, it's fresh and new and different, not to mention controversial.  Canada's Food Guide has folks talking from coast to coast.

A number of people are throwing up red flags from cattlemen to dairy and pork producers.  The new guide suggests we should be eating more plant-based foods and drink more water.  It sounds reasonable to me.

Some critics call the guide too simplistic, pointing to different ethnicities and their cultures and some of their specific needs - scientifically proven needs.

The new food guide comes with visuals that include a recommended plate for an average meal.  It has a half plate of veggies and fruit, a quarter of the plate includes whole grains and the other quarter features lean proteins.

You know, I've heard a lot of advice about diet over the years.  The best was probably from an old friend who told me we need to "eat to live, not live to eat."

"Notorious" Ridiculed

Mixed reviews.  That's what the City of Moose Jaw's new slogan is getting on social media.  "Moose Jaw - Canada's Most Notorious City."   Some like it, some don't.  Some are ridiculing the slogan.

After I posted my Top Five "Rejected" Slogans for reaction yesterday I got Facebook action.

One of my followers said any of the rejects would have been better than "notorious."

He wrote:  "I just recently moved to Ottawa...and was really missing Moose Jaw...I have mentioned this to at least a dozen people down here and they all were in disbelief than any rational person trying to promote their city would be so irresponsible..."

Later, a local businessman commented on that post, saying:  "Really?...Lighten up!  The idea of a slogan is to draw attention, create diologue...I'll take 'notorious'."

And then, he goes on to say, "So, you spoke to a dozen people in Ottawa about Moose Jaw...I guess the slogan is working...talk to a dozen more!"

Most Notorious?

I typed the word "notorious" into Google this morning and here's what came up:

"notorious - famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed."

Synonyms:  infamous, of ill repute, with bad reputation/name...scandalous...."

I'm struggling with what will be Moose Jaw's new "slogan," our new "brand."  Local leaders have decided on "Canada's Most Notorious City."

It's obviously a reference to our colourful past which we feature so well, underground with the Tunnels of Moose Jaw.  I get that but I wonder about that word, "notorious".  It brings up negative connotations, does it not?

It'll work if our leaders and business community can find ways to capitalize on it and I hope they do.

Local leaders, by the way, decided on the new slogan last week and had plans to keep it under wraps for a few weeks with plans for a splashy unveiling.  Someone leaked the news.  So, we have it now.  Somehow, that wasn't "Surprisingly Unexpected."

Citizen & Group of the Year

The winners humbly accepted their awards.  And, I saw proof on social media that the other nominees were pleased to be a part of it.  That's nice.

The local Chamber of Commerce along with CAE and CHAB presented Moose Jaw's Citizen & Group of the Year Awards yesterday.

Cory Olafson is our Citizen of the Year.  He has given back to his community more than most of us ever will.  He's a long time volunteer with the local Kinsmen Club - in fact, he takes the lead on numerous projects.  He has also been instrumental in keeping the sport of baseball flourishing in the community.

The Group of the Year went to the 15 Wing Fellowship.  This group has become a major player over a few short years.  They get together to stage events and direct the proceeds to 15 Wing's Military Family Resource Centre which focuses on enriching the lives of local military families through positive action, education and support.

A special word of THANKS today to all nominees and the winners - you people make our community one of the best places to live.  

All in Favour?

As you've heard and as you might expect, Moose Jaw city council has been criticized for their decision to give a new venture a property tax break in exchange for starting up in our city.

The Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce is in favour.  CEO Rob Clark penned a letter this week, congratulating city council on the decision, saying the support for Imperial Distillery gives Moose Jaw "momentum as a city of choice for investors" and "adds to our growing economy."

Mr. Clark also writes, "The City of Moose Jaw along with our business community continue to make an effort to accelerate economic growth" and "...our new partnership with Imperial Distillery brings confidence and sustenance to our vision of the future..."

"Again", the news release reads, "congratulations on being a progressive advocate and voice on behalf of our member businesses, community and organizations.  We look forward to what other great initiatives are to come."

Two things.  I thought you might like to know about this letter of support and, it sounds to me like the Chamber is expecting more good news in the near future.

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