Teacher of the Month

As we present our "Teacher of the Month" award on CHAB today I got to thinking about some of the special teachers I had over the years.

There are a number of them I could have nominated for "Teacher of the Month".  I still stop and talk to several of my high school teachers in the community.  

Perhaps the "best" teacher I ever had taught English at King George School.  I was in her class when I was in grade 7.  She wasn't the most popular teacher.  There was to be no disruption or shenanigans in her class.  If there was, you were done - kicked out.  No questions.  She was a consummate professional.  She was there to teach and we were there to learn.

It was in high school when I realized what a good teacher she was.  Most of the kids from the other elementary schools were trying to grasp high school English and grammar.  The kids from King George were a step ahead.

She was strict and she demanded discipline.  Her classes were very challenging - difficult at times.  I think she knew many of us would look back and be grateful.  

Matinee Affair

It's an old sports cliche - the "matinee affair".  It's what we've long called afternoon games.  We have one in Moose Jaw tomorrow as our Warriors host the Lethbridge Hurricanes at 2:30 in the afternoon.

We're getting the word out so you can help spread the word of this game time revision.

I'll never forget a similar schedule change taking place back in the 90s.  The Warriors had to move an evening game to the afternoon and then took advantage by taking off early on a road trip that night.  As we were just about to board the bus and roll, a young man with his little boy came walking up to the gates.

They were all decked out in Warriors jerseys and toques, the little boy with matching mitts and a mini stick.  The man approached me and said, "What?  It's not a home game tonight?"

I said, "Yes, there was a game but we had to move it to the afternoon.  It's over."

He was deflated.  The little boy cried.  They walked away slowly - heads hung low.

I hope that doesn't happen tomorrow.  But I'll bet it will.


She says "people wonder why I give so many compliments to strangers...if I pass someone and I like something I say it:  'Love those shoes', 'Great hair' or 'Your eyes are beautiful'.  Why?," she asks.

"Because life is hard," she writes.  "Some people are just plain mean.  You never know how much those few words could mean to someone.  You never know what...they may be going through...And when you put positive vibes out...YOU become a happier person."

"So", she says, "random compliment giving will change your life and...it may change someone else's as well."

Isn't she nice? 

Her name is Kristy Wright Edenfield.  She has a social media page called "Pieces of Soul." 

I like Kristy.

Deep, Dark Winter

Today is November 21st.  We're one month away from the longest night of the year, the first day of winter on the calendar, December 21st.  That tells me we're now into the darkest days.

I find myself getting tired easily and sleeping more than usual at this time of year.  I also find I'm not as easily pleased and I get grumpy from time to time.  It happens annually but it's only been the last few years that I've realized it happens to the best of us.  We get a touch of what's called "Seasonal Affective Disorder" or "SAD" for short.

The Canadian Mental Health Association tells us it's a very real type of depression and one of the keys is a lack of sunlight.  We lack energy and our sleep patterns change.  We might feel sluggish or agitated and have difficulty concentrating.  And, for some, it can and does get worse with feelings of being hopeless and worthless.

We can battle back by getting sunlight and fresh air, lots of exercise and healthy foods.  However, those remedies don't always solve the problem.  The CMHA tells us if we or someone your life struggles with depression, we should seek assistance from a health care professional.

Old News

I see the local Friends of the Library have a "used" book sale coming up this weekend.  It's a fundraiser for our public library and usually a pretty popular event.  We all like "new" but there's no shame in buying a second-hand book.  All the books we borrow from the library are "used", right?

It reminds me of a time when I was seated on the Moose Jaw Warriors' team bus, ready for a road trip.  I had the newspaper beside me.  One of the players boarding the bus stopped at my seat and looked down at my paper and said, "Can I have a look at that?"

I said, "No.  I haven't read it yet."

He said, "I just want to take a quick look."

I said, "You'll have to wait until I've read it."

He said, "Why?"

I replied, "That's a newspaper.  If you read it before me, it'll be old news.  I want my information to be current and up-to-date."

He walked away...confused and unamused.

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