Cold Enough for Ya?

It happened yesterday.  An older fella smiles at me and says, "Cold enough for ya?"

I didn't say it but I wanted to ask, "Can't you do better than that?"

So, here you go.  Let me give you some material.  Feel free to use these one liners during the cold snap.

It's so cold...We had to chop up the piano for firewood.  Ya, we only got two chords.

It's so cold...Grandpa's teeth were chattering.  In the glass!

It's so cold...I had lunch at the greasy spoon just to get heartburn.

It's so cold...Eating ice cream was knocked down to #4 in the "Top Five Ways to get a Brain Freeze".

It's so cold...Mother Nature broke up with Old Man Winter.

And...one more?  It's so cold...SaskEnergy is preparing condolence cards to send out with our monthly bills.

Y'er welcome.

Saskie Snowbirds

Oh, they rub it in from time to time, don't they?  They want us to know they're living it up in the sunshine while we're toughing out another frigid Saskatchewan winter.

They are our friends and family who proudly call themselves "Snowbirds".  They are Canadians who love their country and live in it during the summer months but head south for the winter.

A number of my friends and acquaintances live in close proximity down in Arizona during the winter but they want us to know they're thinking of us.  In a most remarkable way.

This group took some time and spent some money to put on what they call a "Rider Pride Party" down in Mesa, Arizona last week.  They hosted dozens of Saskatchewanians at one, big party with food, music and dancing.  They sold tickets and made money.

The kicker?  They're donating the proceeds to STARS Air Ambulance in Saskatchewan.  

I just thought you'd like to know. 

Darryl Sittler

Thrilling, it was, for local hockey fans to be in the same room as Darryl Sittler.  A number of life-long fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs were in attendance for the Kinsmen Club's annual Sports Celebrity Dinner on Saturday night.

Many of them were growing up back in the 70s when Sittler starred for the the perennial underdog Maple Leafs.  

Sittler had a wonderful NHL career but, perhaps the most remarkable night was back on February 7th, 1976.  

I remember.  It was a Saturday night - Hockey Night in Canada.  I was in the basement firing tennis balls at my hockey net when my Dad called out.  

"Come up here, pal," he hollered.  "You've gotta see this."

I went upstairs to see what was up and Dad says, "It's Sittler.  Every time he shoots the puck it goes in the net.  It's unbelievable," he said.

It was.  Sittler scored 6 goals and assisted on 4 more that night in an 11-4 win over the Boston Bruins.  The 10 points in one game is a record that still stands today.

Sittler took the time to listen to a number of stories just like mine Saturday night in Moose Jaw, giving his loyal fans yet another night to remember.

Facebook Friday

Time for some fun on Facebook Friday - a special treat for those of you who don't subscribe.  You're missing some entertainment.

Here's a guy posting a photo of a garden seeds display he found in a local store.  That's encouraging.

There's a photo of an old fella with suspenders holding up his comfy sweat pants.  The caption says "I can't wait to get to that point in my life when wearing suspenders with sweat pants is okay."

Here's a gal who writes, "I'm glad I learned about parallelograms instead of how to do taxes.  It's really come in handy this parallelogram season."

And, one more.  The old guy says, "Last night I'm on the couch and my wife's in the kitchen and she says 'What would you like for dinner, my love?  Chicken, beef or lamb?"

I said "Chicken, please."

And she says, "YOU are having soup, fatty.  I was talking to the cat."

Under Attack!

It used to really bother me if I found someone who didn't like me.  But, after over 30 years in public life, I'm used to it now.

This week I'm taking shots on social media from a local man who took issue with one of my posts.  It was when the Mac the Moose story started.  I posted side-by-side photos of Norway's beautiful, shiny, silver moose and our Mac the Moose.  The caption I wrote was, "Ya...no.  We can't compete with that - on any level from any angle.  They win.  Let's move on."

Well, the local man didn't like that and he thinks I'm on the Mac the Moose bandwagon now.  He's on Facebook writing, "Wow...the local news source that said we couldn't compete on any level, they win, move on...now cheering for the support for our city's icon.  How cute."

I might call that man's comments facetious if this were a serious issue.  But, that's the point.  This is not a serious issue.  It's about a moose made out of rebar and fibreglass.  So, let's just have fun and keep it friendly, shall we?

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