Carnie's Comments - Facebook Friday

Time for our weekly look at the funnies from Facebook. 

Here's a friend of mine who shares, "At my funeral there will be no food.  You'll be there to cry, not to eat." 

A busy mom says, "Sometimes I'd like to drop my kids off in 1985...just to see how long they make it." 

I'd like to try this, "A good way to get out of a conversation is to take off one of your socks and hand it to the person talking." 

This guy sharing, "My friend is great at selling home security systems.  If people aren't home, he just leaves a brochure on their kitchen table." 

How about this?  "It was a sad and disappointing day when I discovered my universal remote control did not, in fact, control the universe.  Not even remotely." 

Sing this one, "When the moon hits your eye like it's 4:45, that's November." 

And, one more, "Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to all those people who have asked me for directions." 

Carnie's Comments - Holiday Spending

The headline this morning on BNN-Bloomberg reads, "Canadians to spend big on holidays, return to shopping malls:  Poll." 

The poll has found "Canadians are upbeat heading into the holidays as the return of celebrations...robust savings and low unemployment are expected to bolster consumer confidence and spending". 

Accenture Canada's Holiday Shopping Survey has found adults with kids who are expecting Santa will be spending the most followed by parents in general and Baby Boomers. 

The poll found 85% of Canadians will be returning to shopping centres in the coming days and will spend 11% more than they did last year on gifts. 

Also, this is encouraging news - 38% of Canadian shoppers are planning to buy from small, local businesses.  If we're true to our word, that'll be a big boost for business in Moose Jaw. 

Oh, and the poll found Canadians will spend more than we did in 2020 - 23% more with shoppers spending an average of $635 this Holiday Season.  $635?  I don't know about you, but I'm planning to come in below average. 

Carnies Comments - Another COVID Christmas?

You know, one month from today, it's Christmas Eve! 

What will the Holiday Season look like for you in 2021? 

Many Canadians are planning to let their guards down while the majority will remain cautious due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A new poll from Leger in cooperation with The Canadian Press has found 45% of us plan to "greet others with a handshake, hug or kiss" when celebrations get underway. 

The poll also found 49% of us say we're are not afraid of catching the virus. 

On the flip-side, 81% of us say we'll continue to adhere to the public health orders and recommendations to stay safe and 47% of Canadians say they'll ask people about their vaccination status before inviting them to a gathering. 

And, on the other side of that question, 35% say they would invite someone who is not fully vaccinated to their home. 

Carnie's Comments - Let's Be Kind

I prefer to refer to myself as a radio host.  I am a disc jockey in the morning and, by title, the "Feature Personality" on 800 CHAB - I produce and host features like Ask the Expert, The Partner Profile and The Heartland at Noon.  By definition, however, all of us on the radio here are "journalists".  We do, in fact, write for our website and prepare news and information for broadcast. 

With that in mind, a number of our people here are a part of the 72% of media professionals who have experienced some form of harassment over the past year.   

An Ipsos poll, conducted this fall, found harassment of journalists is on the rise with 65% experiencing harassment online.  20% of us are getting pestered online weekly or more than once a week. 

It's not all pandemic-related but, I can tell you that locally, that is what has spurred most of the badgering. 

I suppose it comes with the territory.  It's just that some days, I wish it didn't. 

Carnie's Comments - Inflation

We hear about it in the news on a regular basis, but do you pay much attention to the stories regarding the rate of inflation?  It's hitting all of us and hitting hard right now. 

Stats Canada reported the annual pace of inflation in October rose to 4.7%, the largest year-over-year gain in the consumer price index in almost 19 years. 

We can blame the pandemic, snags in the supply chain and record-setting prices for gasoline.  These things are also, in part, to blame for rising prices for groceries. 

Have you noticed price increases at your favourite restaurant?  If not, it's likely you will - soon. 

One local restaurateur put it in perspective for me when he shared some numbers.  Earlier this year he was paying about $21.00 for a jug of fryer oil.  It's up to $45.00 now.  A case of chicken wings was $45.00 a year ago.  He's paying $175.00 this month.  Oh, and take-out boxes for pick-up and delivery?  A box full was $25.00 a year ago.  Today he's playing $95.00. 

He said, and I quote, "If a local restaurant adds a few dollars to your meal, it's not to get rich, it's to continue to stay in business." 

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