Carnie's Comments - Facebook Friday

This aging friend of mine says, "I see people my age out there climbing mountains and zip lining and here I am, feeling good about myself because I got my leg through my underwear without losing my balance!" 

On a related note, "I will no longer be joining The Rockettes due to an inability to lift my left leg at more than a 17-degree angle.  I'd appreciate privacy during this difficult time." 

Christmas baking this weekend?  Use this one, "Did you know muffins spelled backwards is what you do when you take them out of the oven?" 

I like this one, "Everyone has a photographic memory;  some just don't have film." 

Here's a friend of mine who shares, "My toxic trait is not letting anyone else clean because it's not clean unless I clean it...and then getting angry when no one helps me clean." 

And one more, "The best present ever is a broken drum.  It's hard to beat." 

Carnie's Comments - Everybody into the Pool!

It sounds pretty good - the City of Moose Jaw's plan to construct a new outdoor pool. 

The plan is to decommission the old Natatorium building - take it out of play and build a new, 8-lane, 25 metre pool along with a what they call a "beach entry leisure pool" with a water spray package and a waterslide. 

We'd also build new accessible changerooms with a reception area, staff room and concession. 

The issue for some is the proposed size of the pool.  The current Phyllis Dewar pool is 50 metres long but the new one would be half of that.  And, again, just 8 lanes and that would be smaller than the pool at the Kinsmen Sportsplex - it's a 25 metre, 10-lane pool.  

One concerned citizen I know is worried.  The outdoor pool has been a part of his routine for 37 years.  He says the "25 metre plan will be too small to keep the current programs that we have now without overcrowding." 

I've got a feeling we'll be hearing from a number of individuals and delegations opposed to the plan in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned. 

Carnie's Comments - Let's Be Jolly!

"Let it Snow", "Jingle Bell Rock", "Mele Kalikimaka"!   

It's December 1st and time for a sprinkling of some of the Greatest Holiday Hits of All Time on 800 CHAB.  Are you ready for it?  Do you like it? 

I do, but I'm reading reports today that find Christmas music compounds what can be a stressful time of year for many.  One poll found 17% of shoppers actually "dislike" the Christmas music while 25% of retail staff say the inescapable Christmas tunes makes them feel less festive and some of them believe it actually dampens their emotional well-being! 

Some who took part in the poll agreed that Christmas tunes remind them of holiday-related stresses like buying presents, attending parties, gathering with relatives and meeting others' expectations. 

What's the solution for these poor people?  Maybe they should just plug in their ear buds and listen to the music of their choosing!  Right?   

Thank you.  Oh, and Happy Holidays! 

Carnie's Comments - ParticiPACTION

It was back in 1973.  You may remember the public service announcement on television.  It may have been on the radio as well.  A Canadian organization called "ParticipACTION" shamed us when they proclaimed the average 30-year-old Canadian was in about the same physical condition as the average 60-year-old-Swede. 

Well, they're back and the messaging, 48 years later is much the same. 

ParticipACTION's latest report card on physical activity for adults finds most of us in Canada are not meeting the recommended physical activity levels. 

They concede, the pandemic has had an impact with many working from home and gyms and fitness centres closed for long stretches of time but, that said, we still got an "F" for our sedentary behaviours and an "F" for active transportation - apparently not many of us walk or cycle to get from place to place. 

ParticipACTION estimates our inactivity costs the Canadian health-care system about $6.8 billion a year and they say our federal government needs to "commit to prioritizing and tackling" what they're calling a "physical inactivity crisis". 

I'm not missing the point here but, I can't stop wondering about that Swedish man on TV, who was 60 back in '73.  I wonder how long he lived to be? 

Carnie's Comments - 9th and Caribou

I don't think it's a case of resisting change.  I think it's more of an "old habits die hard" situation. 

Changes to the busy intersection of 9th Avenue NW and Caribou Street have created confusion and, in some cases, dangerous situations. 

The traffic lines on the streets are fading but the signage on the new traffic light standards seems pretty to clear to me.  However, some motorists aren't catching on. 

It was on Friday afternoon I was north-bound on 9th and made the move to the left-hand turning lane to proceed west on Caribou.  I was at a red light.  Then, a south-bound car came right at me.  It was alarming.  I braced myself for a collision.  That driver, thankfully, swerved to go around me while making an effort to share a scowl and perhaps some profanity with me, oblivious to the fact they were, most certainly, in the wrong lane. 

I'm sure, given some time, we'll all catch on and follow the new rules.  In the meantime, and in-between-time, I think I'll just make the turn at Hochelaga Street and enjoy the view in that nice neighbourhood. 

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