Facebook Friday

It's for those of you who don't subscribe to Facebook.  Here's some of what you're missing today.

There are photos of palm trees weighed down by wet snow...in Las Vegas!  Yes, a number of local people who went south for a warm vacation are dealing with snow and cold.  

Here's a post many of us can relate to:  "The older we get the better we used to be."

Speaking of relatable, this guy says, "I'm first world poor which means I have a smartphone and a laptop just so I can go on line to see I have $5.00 left in my bank account."

One of my Facebook friends must have had company last night.  She writes, "I hate it when people are at your house and they ask 'Do you have a bathroom?'.  I'm like , 'No, we just go outside."

And one more, from a middle aged, single woman who writes, "My life is like a romantic comedy except there's no romance and it's just me laughing at my own jokes."

Mayor's Car Allowance

So, if I understand this correctly, our city manager will be receiving a car allowance of $500 per month and our mayor receives $100.

Moose Jaw mayor Fraser Tolmie attempted to change that in council chambers this week, looking for a five-fold increase so his car allowance would be in-line with the city manager's.  

It doesn't make sense to me that the city manager, whose salary is more than double the mayor's, has a car allowance five times the mayor's.

Let me tell you, I've seen the proof.  Our mayor does his best to be a mover and a shaker.  He's not the guy who sits at his desk, fooling around on his computer all day.  He's out and about.  He rarely turns down an invitation.  He knows public appearances are a big part of the job.

In my opinion, the mayor's car allowance should be increased.

The motion was defeated.  "Surprisingly Unexpected"?  Nope.

Childhood Chores

"Name a chore you did when you were little that kids nowadays have never done."  

One of my Facebook friends posted those words and he's getting some great feedback.

I don't know that I can name one.  

I remember my older brother mowing the lawns with the old manual mower.  It wasn't difficult if he kept up but once the lawns grew long, man, what a workout he'd have cutting that grass.  I can still see him taking runs at the thick, long grass and the physical exhaustion he'd experience when finished.

I remember thinking, hoping I'd never have to do that. 

Well, I was only 8 years old when my brother ventured out on his own at age 21.  He wasn't around to mow the lawn anymore.  I wasn't strong enough yet.

It wasn't long before my Dad got tired of pushing that old reeling, manual mower and he bought a nice, new motorized unit from the Eaton's store.  I would never have to use the manual mower.

They say timing is everything in life.  There's some proof right there.

Mosaic Place Shines

You want to talk about a vibe?  You want to talk about a professional set-up?  Our Moose Jaw Warriors Hockey Club delivered it on Friday night.

For the first time, our team hosted the Warriors & Legends Hall of Fame induction dinner in their own home, Mosaic Place.  It was wonderful.

Patrons, parents and players entered through a draped hallway with a proper coat check along the way.  Inside, on the ice surface, the big score clock was dropped down from the rafters, serving as the video screen for the presentations.  The place was tastefully decorated.

Mosaic Place staff were professionally dressed.  The food and the service were excellent.

It wasn't perfect.  There are some details that will need some attention before they do it again but, I'm telling you, the whole evening had a world class feel to it.  

Our Warriors, our Mosaic Place, had an opportunity to shine on Friday and that they did.

Warriors & Legends

He played 4 seasons with our Moose Jaw Warriors.  He brought it every night.  He was focused on success.  I knew he meant business when he first made the club at the age of 16.  Brian Sutherby grew into a solid, two-way hockey player and found success in the National Hockey League.

He put in a full decade in "The Show", playing 460 games, racking up 41 goals, 90 points and 533 penalty minutes with Washington, Anaheim and Dallas.

Sutherby's long-time linemate in Moose Jaw, Shawn Limpright, also put in 4 full seasons in Moose Jaw.  He went on to play pro for 12 years in 5 different leagues.  

I remember scouts and fans questioning his speed and his skills and continually wondering if he was good enough.  He was.  Limpright played with passion and desire and did whatever it took to help his team win.  He was one player no one wanted to line up against.  He was the kind of gritty player Moose Jaw hockey fans love to cheer for.

Sutherby and Limpright will join the Warriors & Legends Hall of Fame this weekend.  Welcome to the wall, fellas.  You earned it.

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