Christmas Traditions

He was always the voice of reason.  He was practical and intelligent.  He talked me into and out of wasting my time too many times to count.

I can't remember if we always had them in our house at Christmas but I do remember, later in his life, watching my Dad cracking nut shells and thoroughly enjoying his nuts for what seemed like hours at a time.  He was so happy when he was crackin' and snackin'.

I remember him pinching his fingers with the nutcracker tool on a number of occasions.  I remember feeling empathetic.  

I also remember one morning, over coffee, my Dad telling me he had to go to the dentist because he had broken a tooth the night before.  He bit down on a piece of nut shell while crackin' and snackin'.

It was then I pointed out we didn't have to crack the shells to eat nuts anymore.  I reminded him that we'd made technological strides and those nuts could now be purchased already shelled  and salted.

He said nothing.  He just grinned.  He saw what I did there.

Facebook Friday

It's my little treat for those of you who don't subscribe to Facebook.  It's Facebook Friday - a time to hi-lite a few of the best posts of the week.

Here's some advice from a middle aged man;  "When you stop believing in Santa, you get underwear under the tree."

There's a photo of a cat near a family Christmas tree with the caption, "OH, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree, your ornaments are history."

Here's one from an aging woman who says, "The older I get, the earlier it gets late."

And this one is being shared by many.  It reads, "A friend of mine has two tickets to the 2019 Super Bowl.  He paid $1200 each but didn't realize when he bought them last year it was going to be on the same day as his wedding.  If you're interested, he's looking for someone to take his place...It's at Holy Cross Church on Lake Avenue.  The bride's name is Nicole.  She'll be the one in the white dress."

Have a good weekend.

"Famous" Interviews

So, many people are still talking about Burton Cummings being on CHAB radio earlier this week.  It was pretty cool to have such a big star on the show.  

I've been asked a number of times now if Burton is the "most famous person you've ever interviewed?"  I'm not sure.  He might be.  He was certainly one of the best interviews of my radio career.  He was engaging, he was in a zone - he was very pleasant to talk to.

The question got me thinking about all the famous entertainers I've talked to over the years.  Not all of them put in an effort like Burton did.  I won't bother telling you about them.  Why would I.

I do remember some of the wonderful conversations I've had.  The late Bobby Curtola was one of the best.  He loved to entertain whether he was singing and dancing or just visiting on the radio.

Susan Jacks was good.  Tom Cochrane was outstanding.  George Thorogood and Edgar Winter were pretty cool too!

Come to think of it, I live a charmed life, don't I?

Burton Cummings

It was special...a day I'll never forget.  A number of my co-workers were absolutely star-struck.  I was too.

Burton Cummings took time to visit CHAB Radio yesterday to talk about life and his two sold out shows at Moose Jaw's Cultural Centre next week.

Burton has been living in Moose Jaw for about a year now.  He likes it here.  He has pleasant memories of playing Temple Gardens back in the 60s.  

He told us he went to see The Sons of the Pioneers in concert at the Mae Wilson Theatre earlier this year and it was then he knew he needed - he wanted to put on a show there.  He booked two nights.  The shows sold out in hours.  If you have tickets, you're lucky.  It'll be special.

Burton Cummings is a gifted songwriter, musician and at the age of 70, he can still hit all the notes with his unmistakable voice.

How about that?  Rock 'n roll royalty - Burton Cummings - living and performing in The Friendly City of Moose Jaw.  That, my friends, is truly "Surprisingly Unexpected".

Want a Job?

"2 Food and Beverage Servers", "2 Housekeeping Room Attendants", "Sales and Administrative Assistant".  Those are the jobs that pop up on DiscoverMooseJaw.com in the "Local Jobs" section today.

There are over 5300 job openings posted on SaskJobs.ca today including a number in Moose Jaw and area.  And, as you might guess, these aren't all entry level positions.  There are close to 500 openings in business, finance and administration.  We need engineers and architects, health care workers and people to fill jobs in the trades, transportation and construction.

Here in Saskatchewan, the private sector job vacancy rate is at 2.0% - that adds up to about 6900 jobs.

The experts are telling us this is not a good situation because it's the small and medium sized businesses that feel the pressure and those are the businesses that drive local economies.

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