Carnie's Comments - Facebook Fridayu

Carnie's Comments

It's the New Year's Eve edition of Facebook Friday!

This guy shares, "Found my 'go to the gym' resolution from last year in the back of my sock drawer.  It looked so peaceful there so I didn't disturb it."

Here's one, "If I didn't text you Merry Christmas just know I'm lazy but I still love you."

This local woman says, "I don't want to end this year on bad terms with anyone.  Apologize to me."

We can all relate to this one, "It's officially 'Once I'm home, I ain't coming back out' season."

Here's a mom who shares, "This morning my son said his ear hurt and I asked if it was hurting on the inside or the outside..  He walked out the front door, came back in and says 'both'.  Moments like this got me wondering if I'm saving too much for college."

This guy writes, "So excited!  I got a raise today.  It was in medication dosage but a win is a win."

And one more, "What will the new year bring us?  365 opportunities."

Happy New Year!

Carnie's Comments - Remember When?

Carnie's Comments

My brother-in-law framed some posters for me and gave them to me on Christmas day.  The posters are from "A Cold Night for Cancer" - the rock 'n roll show at the Mae Wilson Theatre that featured the reunion of the family band "Churko" and Cory Churko's cover band "Toque". 

It was a great show and a wonderful evening.It took place in early January of 2020 just when we were starting to hear more and more about the coronavirus - COVID-19.  It hadn't arrived here yet. 

The show was sold out and The Cornerstone Inn was packed for the after-party.  Those were the days!

I posted a photo of my posters on social media this week and one of my friends reacted with, "Awe.  Great memories."  Another wrote, "Amazing Night" and then a long-time friend added, "They will return and be even better than before."  I sure hope so.

Oh, we have returned to a "new" normal and we've been able to come together with proof of vaccination and a mask mandate in indoor, public spaces but it's not the same, is it?  Some days I wonder if it ever will be.   

Carnie's Comments - Corolla Corona


Carnie's Comments

Comedian Brent Butt inspired today's story when he posted a photo on Twitter earlier this week.  He found a photo of a '69 Toyota Corolla - just like the one he had when he was a kid.  He bought it for $550 when he was 15 years old.

It was 1984 when I bought my first car - the Toyota Corona.  I got it from one of my sisters for $800.  It was a two-door hardtop with an automatic transmission and an AM radio.  It got better when a good friend gifted me a Pioneer cassette deck with some great speakers.  You could hear me coming from two blocks away.

It was a cold day in March of '85 when the Corona broke down for good.  It was just south of Chamberlain on Highway #2.  Thankfully, the car quit not far from a farm house.  I interrupted their dinner to call my best friend.  I was on my way to Moose Jaw to celebrate his birthday.In fact, I interrupted HIS dinner. 

He rescued me that night and the next day we towed that Corona to Moose Jaw and it would sit in my dad's backyard for months.  It was irreparable.  I tried to sell it.  That didn't work.In the end, my dad paid a guy to come and take it away.

You know, I might still have that cassette deck somewhere. 

Carnie's Comments - Facebook Friday

It's Facebook Friday - The Christmas Eve Edition! 

Here's a mom who says, "First day of the holiday break and the 12-year-old and I are sniping at each other like an old, married couple.  Gonna be a long winter." 

Do you have family and friends who went south for the holidays?  Here's one for you, "Sometimes I envy the people who enjoy warm climates all year long and then I think of their giant snakes and creepy bugs and I'm happy to live in a frozen tundra 4 months of the year." 

Here's one, "Me, after eating 17 assorted cookies and tarts?  I need something salty." 

Another one for foodies, "Charcuterie - Because a generation raised on Lunchables is trying to be cool." 

This gal posts, "I got a Roomba for Christmas.  It doesn't work very well on the floors but at least I have a $300 toy for my cat." 

One of my favourite Facebookers says, "Home Alone gave me anxiety as a kid because I didn't have any of the right toys to stop a home invasion." 

Here's one you can use tonight, "How much does Santa get charged to park his sleigh?  Nothing.  It's on the house." 

And, one more, "This is not the year to get everything you want.  This is the year to appreciate everything you have." 

Merry Christmas. 

Carnie's Comments - The Best Christmas Card

I'll give it the "Christmas Card of the Year" award for sure.  In fact, it's one of the nicest cards I've ever received.  It made my day when I got it at the radio station last week.  It came in the mail with no return address. 

The hand-written greeting reads, "Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Thank you for all you do and say.  Sometimes I think you are living in my head because you have a way of saying exactly what I am thinking." 

"Even though you don't know it, I want to thank you for being my radio friend.  You have helped me more ways than you will ever know in the last two years." 

"Thank you for being you.  God Bless, Merry Christmas and keep up the good work." 

The note is signed, "A Very Loyal Listener". 

Well, Merry Christmas to you my very loyal listener.  You are the reason why I get up at 3:30 every morning to do what I do. 

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