So, yesterday I shared what I got from the Prairie South Education Director.  Tony Baldwin made it clear the situation was dealt with and they're moving on.  The controversy about a young student and his teacher getting into it over President Donald Trump.

Well, it wasn't long after she read my commentary a local woman sent me this:

"This story is the reason that I was blocked for the first time on Facebook.

I have friends who post political things on all sides of the spectrum and usually I ignore it. But one of them ranted about how "stupid" the 14-year-old kid was. And I said, quite simply, "regardless of where anyone stands on this issue, can we all agree as adults to not label a 14-year-old as 'stupid'?"

I think there's an important distinction in any case between saying someone IS stupid, and saying you think someone DID something stupid. Especially when they're 14.

But instead of either saying "yeah, you're right, that does come off like an adult bullying a kid" or "I disagree with you, and here's my reasoning," she blocked me.

The world is a dangerous place when you find yourself in an echo chamber consisting entirely of people who agree with you all the time," she wrote.  

She's right.

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