Sidewalk Days 2017...underway today and continuing through Saturday in downtown Moose Jaw.  It's all there.  Family fun that includes activities for all ages along with great shopping, food and music.  

If you'll remember, it was just a few short years ago that a lack of interest from potential participants almost killed this annual event.  We needed volunteers and a few people with some vision and enthusiasm to come forward.  

Jacki L'Heureux-Mason took the lead.  She loves Sidewalk Days and didn't want to see the annual festival disappear.  She brought the enthusiasm to the table and it was contagious.  She and a handful of others have worked - for free -  for years now to not only sustain but to improve Sidewalk Days to a point where it might be difficult to improve.

So, when you head downtown to enjoy Sidewalk Days this weekend, think about Jacki and her people and if you see them, give them a "tip o' the hat" and a "way to go".