He was one of two listeners to react yesterday.  Oh, they're listening.  Radio works.  The unions know how to get their message out.  And, they likely know not everyone supports their efforts to win us over.

One local business owner talked to me about the ads he's hearing.  He doesn't like them and neither does listener, Geoff, who writes:

"Hey Rob, man the union commercials you run are annoying.  I like the Brad Wall rides off into the sunset BUT not on a[n] STC Bus.  Ha, only the unions would take an $11 million bus ride with one person on the bus....Funny, losing $11 million a year but all they see is 240 union jobs."

Oh, there's more.  "NOBODY in the real world can run that way", Geoff says.  "...SGEU crying again about a 3 1/2% pay cut...funny these money hungry unions are first at the trough when the province is doing great...BUT when everyone in the province is effected [sic] by a down turn, funny, these unions don't think they should be effected like the rest of us.  What a bunch of hypocrites."

Then, Geoff writes, "Sorry, Rob...but these unions tick me off."

Thank you, Geoff.  There's no need to apologize.

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