I can remember a number of telephone numbers from my childhood.  I can recite most of the numbers of my closest friends - the boys I'd call to play on a regular basis.  You probably can, too.

I also remember, as a boy, the local prefixes were 692 and 693.  It was big news when we added 691.  I can also clearly remember a handy, time saving tip I got from one of my friends back in about 1974.  He told me you didn't have to dial the 6 or the 9 - you just had to use the 2 or the 3 for a prefix and then the final 4 digits.  It was a wonderful tip for those of us who still had rotary dial telephones.

Here we are, 44 years later and many of us don't even have landlines anymore.  We have cellular telephones.  We don't remember the phone numbers for friends and relatives - we just find their name in our list of contacts and tap on their name.  It's just too easy.

However, if we're dialing a number NOT in our contacts, it's more complicated and about to get even more arduous.  You know we have two area codes now, right?  They are 306 and 639.  Well, it's estimated we'll run out of numbers for those area codes in 4 years.  Our 3rd area code will be 474.  Will we remember that?  

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