Oh, they're sounding off.  Social media has given people a platform to tell us what's on their minds.  These days, it's the poor condition of local roads, back alleys and garbage and recycling on the Facebook page called "MJ Talks".

Some locals are concerned with the fact a number of less fortunate people are going through our garbage and recycling bins, likely looking for bottles and cans.  Word is, some are even going into our yards to pick the trash.  

There's someone posting a photo of a city unit grading a back alley.  She's happy.  Then, another woman says "Whoo Hooo...we can drive down the alleys, they'll be in better shape than our streets."

Another one says "...the garbage men will have a nice smooth ride to do their work" and another says "Great, taxes will go up again LOL".

And then, then, a guy named Stephen says "Pick your battles whiners...you act like you pay $1000 a week in taxes." 

That one got 27 "Likes".  Stephen wins.

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