Road rage.  We all get a little upset from time-to-time when we're operating a motor vehicle, right?  

I witnessed a dangerous situation on the Trans Canada Highway last night which was created by a driver who, in my opinion, should not have a license.

The person was driving a car at a rate of speed which was probably pretty close to the speed limit.  That car was in the passing lane.  Others who were driving a little faster had to pass in the right-hand lane.

As I approached, preparing to pass on the right, an emergency vehicle was quickly coming up from behind.  My move?  Pull over to the right and give that speeding police car lots of room to pass.  That's right.  I pulled over and got out of the way.  

That car in the passing lane didn't move.  The driver did not move to the right.  The officer drove the police car right up to that driver's back bumper - flashing lights engaged.  Finally, the stubborn and ignorant driver of that car pulled over - yes, to the left...where's there's really no room for a vehicle, creating more danger.

That police officer did not attempt to pass on the right.  He or she just stayed behind the offending driver, obviously to send a message and, perhaps, teach a lesson.

But, something tells me that driver won't get it.  What that driver should get is a hefty fine for obstructing a police officer and another one for being an idiot.

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