Carnie's Comments

It's the New Year's Eve edition of Facebook Friday!

This guy shares, "Found my 'go to the gym' resolution from last year in the back of my sock drawer.  It looked so peaceful there so I didn't disturb it."

Here's one, "If I didn't text you Merry Christmas just know I'm lazy but I still love you."

This local woman says, "I don't want to end this year on bad terms with anyone.  Apologize to me."

We can all relate to this one, "It's officially 'Once I'm home, I ain't coming back out' season."

Here's a mom who shares, "This morning my son said his ear hurt and I asked if it was hurting on the inside or the outside..  He walked out the front door, came back in and says 'both'.  Moments like this got me wondering if I'm saving too much for college."

This guy writes, "So excited!  I got a raise today.  It was in medication dosage but a win is a win."

And one more, "What will the new year bring us?  365 opportunities."

Happy New Year!

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