Christmas Shopping Trends

Remember when we used to ridicule Eaton's and Sears for sending out their Christmas catalogues before summer was over?  Oh, we used to laugh and talk about how silly that seemed to be and then we'd all take our turns going through those thick books from cover to cover.  Those days are long gone.  Our Eaton's and Sears stores are gone.

I don't believe I ever ordered anything out of a catalogue but I certainly remember showing my Mom and Dad exactly what I wanted.  I think my Mom ordered that stuff via telephone, didn't she?  We thought it was so convenient - shopping from the comfort of your own home.

Who would have guessed back then that we'd be on hand-held, cellular telephones and laptop computers and doing our Christmas shopping on the world wide web in the 21st century?

A new poll shows we Canadian shoppers will spend 38% of our gift budgets online this year.  With that trend moving forward more and more Canadian retailers are investing more in the online marketplace.

It seems to me we owe it to each other in our community to get out and do our shopping locally.  Don't you?


They are special people doing special things in our community.  They are the teachers who are being nominated for our Teacher of the Month award on 800 CHAB.

We've heard some encouraging words from the kids and their parents about grade one teacher Madame Chevrier at Palliser Heights, music teacher Cameron Church at Peacock Collegiate and King George School teacher Dana Ansell, who is being recognized today.

These people are being praised for their methods, their personalities and communication skills and for the passion they bring into the classroom.

Think about your school days.  If you graduated from high school, you spent 13 years in the system.  Now think about the teachers who truly made a difference.  I can think of three or four who really took the time to get to know me and push me in the right direction.  

Dana Ansell at King George elementary school is one of those people and our December Teacher of the Month on 800 CHAB.  Thank you, Dana.

Christmas Spending

Do you have a budget for the Holiday Season?  The experts say we should but the kids aren't listening.

A new CIBC survey on Christmas spending shows millennials, youngsters ages 18 to 34, plan on spending an average of $555 on Christmas.  That's up by 39% over last year.

Older generations have budgets around $669 but, while we're spending more, that number is down slightly from last year for those of us aged 35 to 54.

Shoppers aged 55 and older will spend the most at $696 and that's up slightly.

Interesting, when millennials were asked to describe their "shopping personality," 47% said they consider themselves "Modern Day Santas":  people who "absolutely love giving holiday gifts to friends and family."

It's also worth noting, 52% of us expect we'll go over budget this Christmas and 41% admit they can't afford to spend as much as they think they will.

Merry Christmas.

Santa Claus Is Coming

He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake.

He knows when you've been bad or good so be good, for goodness sake!

Oh, yes, Santa Claus is coming to town.  Remember when you were a kid?  You had to be on your best behaviour at this time of year because you faced the threat of Santa knowing you were bad and maybe he wouldn't stop at your place on Christmas Day.

It sounds to me like that message still gets delivered.  We talked to a number of local children at this year's Santa Claus Parade in Moose Jaw and when asked the question, "What's your favourite thing about Christmas," most of the kids said "Santa."

I clearly remember not getting enough rest at this time of year when I was a boy.  It was that line in the song, "He sees you when you're sleeping."  I didn't like that.

My mom always made sure I made a snack for Santa on Christmas Eve.  She told me by the time he got to our house he'd be thirsty for a cold beer.  She was right.  She always was.

I think Rudolph took total control of the sleigh after Santa's visit to our place.

Merry Christmas!

Toy Days

Take a moment and think about it.  Think about some of the toys you received when you were a kid at Christmas.

Oh, I remember.  In fact, I could still find a few of them - packed away in boxes these days.  I kept them because I treasured them.

It's Christmas time and we all get a little sentimental. 

The Salvation Army will serve hundreds of local families in the coming days and we're asking you to help us help them make sure that each and every child from those families gets a gift this Christmas.  

"Toy Days"...on for one more day at Canadian Tire.  Hundreds of children from local, less fortunate families, will all get a gift this Christmas if we all chip in.

Take your pick

Search your conscience

Then just choose your cause,

And the miracle

Will be yours.

Do you recognize those lyrics?  Luba.  Giving Away a Miracle.  Merry Christmas.

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