Get Off Your Wallet

How's your bank account looking?  Did you save up for a summer vacation?

A recent summer survey from RetailMeNot.ca  found 41% of Canadians spend more money in the summer than during any other season and 19% of us "make a point to save during the first half of the year" so we can spend more in the summer.

You might know some people who work hard in the summer so they can kick back in the winter.  Well, interesting, only 22% of us say we use the money we make in the summer to sustain our lifestyle for the rest of the year.

What would you say will be your top purchases this summer?  Well, 29% say gas, travel and accomodations  while 26% say groceries, 24% say clothing, booze, gifts, beauty products and sporting activities and 21% say they'll spend the most on eating out and entertainment.

What do we take from these numbers?  I'd say most of us are planning to have a really great Canadian summer!

Summer Vacation

I know some have already packed up the SUV and hit the road.  It's that time.  Thousands of Saskatchewan families are leaving home for a summer vacation.  It's so exciting.  You're about to make memories to last a lifetime but, let me tell you from experience, not all of my memories of family vacations are good.  

The experts have tips for us these days and I've found some good ones for you.

--Pack light and pack with intention.  Good luck with that one.

--Always have some cash on hand.

--They say parents should make some sacrifices and step out of your comfort zone and try adventurous things like horseback riding or roller coasters.

--Don't eat out every day for three meals a day.  You'll save money and get good nutrition if you pick up some of your favourite fruits and veggies and have a picnic or two.

--Know your limits and escape each other for short periods of time every day.  Remember, most families don't spend 24 hours a day together so it doesn't take long to get irritated.

And, perhaps the best tip:  Make a plan and set a schedule.  Remember, summer time is vacation time for most so if you don't have reservations for lodging and campgrounds, you might face some challenges.  

Summer Fun!

I think it's the hap-hap-happiest time of the year.  No, not Christmas - July in Moose Jaw.

What a great time to be in The Friendly City!  We have Sidewalk Days this week.  You know, it's always been a good time but it's better than ever with music and entertainment becoming a focus in recent years.  Sidewalk Days is Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Thursday night and Friday, Moose Jaw Warriors alumni will get together to reminisce, play some golf and raise a little money for our hockey club's scholarship fund.  Theoren Fleury and Brayden Point are among the big names comin' home. 

The Highway to Heroes Concert, Car Show and Air Demonstration is the weekend after - Sunday, July 15th.  Classic cars, rock 'n roll, the Skyhawks and Snowbirds will perform.

Oh, and let us not forget the Saskatchewan Festival of Words.  It gets started on Thursday, July 19th.

So, if you happen to hear some frowning, grumpy deadbeat say there's nothing going on in Moose Jaw, you tell 'em.  You tell 'em they're wrong.

Canada Day

Freedom. Lifestyle. Untamed wilderness and modern city life.  We have all that and more.  There are so many reasons to be proud to be Canadian.  I was born and raised in this beautiful country and there was a time I could have been described as entitled.  That changed.

It was about 12 years ago now that I worked with a couple of people from war-torn, south eastern Europe.  They made their way to Canada with a large family in need of assistance.  The Moose Jaw Multicultural Council was here for them.  I helped the mother and father with their citizenship studies.  They passed their tests and qualified to become Canadian citizens.

They invited me to the ceremonies where I met their children.  I saw the fear and the hope in their eyes. They treated their new friends and fellow Canadians to a wonderful celebration.  They were so proud to be Canadian and so grateful to get a shot at life in a peaceful, free country.

Those people are now thriving in our community.  They work, live and play.  They're raising children and contributing.

In fact, some of the boys just helped make Canada Day fireworks a reality for Moose Jaw.  Huseini's Concrete & Paving Ltd. contributed $1000.00.  I just thought you should know. 

Happy Canada Day.

Facebook Gems

That's right.  It's time for your special treat.  Some gems from social media for those of you who don't follow.  It's my pleasure.

One guy says, "You will be too much for some people.  Those are not your people."

Here's one of my Facebook friends who writes, "No, I don't have a screw loose.  It fell out."

Politics...a hot topic these days.  A local woman who grew up in the States says "I'm sorry if my posts about the man destroying America annoy you."

Speaking of politics, here's a story about The Food Network getting higher ratings than CNN.  That's not exactly surprising, is it?

Oh, there's local MLA Greg Lawrence posting a photo on Twitter.  He's posing with a most-familiar face with the caption, "Meeting Premier Designate Doug Ford at the inaugural meeting of the DND - Provincial / Territorial Military Representative Meeting."

It's interesting to note, Lawrence is sporting a name tag.  Ford isn't.  He doesn't have to, apparently.

Y'er welcome.

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