Sask Party Support Shrinking

We elected them as our provincial economy was ramping up back in 2007.  The oil and gas industries were booming, potash was selling and the money was rolling in.

They spent it and we all benefited.  Our Saskatchewan Party government invested in us.  They invested in new facilities including schools and hospitals.  They improved our highways and made life better for all of us.

It's because of that I find the dwindling support for the Saskatchewan Party so surprising.

The numbers come from a new poll from Insightrix which shows the Saskatchewan Party's approval rating at 44%, the lowest since they started tracking it 8 years ago.

So, if an election were to be held now, 44% of decided voters would support the Saskatchewan Party, 40% would vote for the NDP, 7% for the PC Party, 5% for the Liberals and 4% for the Green Party. What might be most conspicuous?  25% of those polled are undecided.

Yes, the honeymoon is over.  Time will tell if we decide to work on this marriage or file for divorce and, with 4 out of 10 people finding the NDP attractive, the Saskatchewan Party, obviously, has some work to do.

Tow Trucks

The new law passed in the Saskatchewan legislature quickly.  It will allow our tow truck drivers in Saskatchewan to use flashing blue lights for better visibility.

The tow truck drivers came together to demand the change over a year ago.  Then, this past winter, a young driver named Courtney Schaefer was hit and killed during a blizzard.

A number of drivers parked their tow trucks in front of the legislature building in a show of support and gratitude yesterday.  Courtney's brother, Corey, was there too.  He called the new legislation "a step in the right direction" and he said "...hopefully it prevents something like this from happening to another family."

I hope so, too.  But now the onus is on you as a motorist.  It truly is your responsibility, if you drive a vehicle, to obey the rules.  Did you know, on Saskatchewan highways, you must slow to a speed of no more than 60 kph when passing a tow truck with its lights flashing?  Now you do.  And, those lights will now be blue.

Put me in, Coach

I love this time of year.  Spring has arrived and summer is on the way.  When I was a young fella, spring time meant one thing;  baseball.

I joined Little League when I was 8 years old.  I'll never forget my first practice in the spring of '74.  We met up at St. Michael School.  I met my coach and my new teammates.

My coach was impressed with my arm.  He told me I'd be the starting pitcher on opening day.  I still get chills when I remember that cool, spring evening.  At the end of that practice, we got our uniforms.  They were bright yellow with black trim.  We were the Little League Pirates.  I was #9.  I was so happy.

I'd go on to play several years of Little League.  My dad helped out with some coaching and umpiring and my mom chipped in at the concession.  It was great family fun.

If you have a child in your life and he or she is not yet signed up to play ball this spring, you should consider it.  A lifetime of memories await.


I needed feedback and so I posted this on social media:

"A 'beauty'.  The first time I heard it was in WHL circles back in the 80's.  "That guy's a real beauty."  It wasn't good.  It was a nice way of saying a guy's a jackwagon.  Now, apparently, when people say you're 'a beauty', they really mean you're a nice person. What's happening to this world?  It's all wrong."

My friend, Dave, said "Spot on.  'Beauty' was synonymous with 'a real piece of work'. You didn't want to be called either one."

My friend Justin said "...ya, I'm new school and have only heard 'what a beauty' in an endearing way."

Wendy then said, "That's SICK!" 

And then Stuart pointed out "Now sick means nice."

I know, right?  Like I said, it's all wrong.


So, our Moose Jaw Warriors are out after a game 7 loss to the Switt Current Broncos. Coach Tim Hunter said their best players were better than our best.  He's right.

It's not just losing that has Warriors supporters down in the dumps today.  It's the fact we don't get a shot at the Regina Pats in the next round.  Like they say, "That's Hockey".

When I called the games on the radio I would take the losses personally.  I learned how to get over that.  Now, as a fan, I really enjoy the entertainment.  

I got my money's worth from players like Zach Sawchenko, Jayden Halbgewachs and Brett Howden.  I really enjoyed watching defencemen Josh Brook and Jett Woo grow into legitimate WHL talents.

And, it's interesting to note, most of our top players are eligible to return next season when the Regina Pats host the Memorial Cup.  That'd be a great time for our team to make its first ever appearance at the big dance, would it not?

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