Donations from the Paw for Pledges Radiothon helps the Moose Jaw Humane Society with their day to day caring of animals in need. These are just a few examples of how you have reached out and opened your hearts to animals in need of a forever home.


Mia came into them with hardly any fur left on her body. Her body was covered in scabs and her skin was red and inflamed. She was taken immediately to see a veterinarian where they learned that Mia had a non-contagious type of mange called Demodex. Mia was treated and almost immediately showed signs of improvement. The photos were taken 23 days apart and Mia looks like a completely different dog! Mia’s story speaks to the importance of proper vet care. With your financial support, they were able to provide the best possible care for Mia, resulting in a very quick recovery.



The story of Frosty comes just in time for our inevitable change of season, and upcoming drop in temperatures! This sweet girl came into their care after surviving most of the winter out in the cold. As you can see, Frosty is missing part of her nose and ears. What you can’t see is that she also had to have her tail amputated after being damaged by frostbite. Not only do donations to the MJHS fund treatments like these, but they also allow them to feed and house more animals like Frosty during the cold winter months when weather conditions are the harshest. As heartbreaking as her story may seem, we always strive for a happy ending. We are happy to announce that Frosty won’t have to worry about the upcoming snowfall because she will be cozied up in her new home!


Sometimes you have to wait for your happy ending. Shirley came to them with four kittens. Her kittens were adopted out quickly, but Shirley wasn’t as lucky. Despite the fact that this girl oozed personality no one was willing to give her a home of her own. Shirley plays fetch better than most dogs, she was constantly by their side keeping them company, and she kept them in stitches with her daily antics. But still, no one came for Shirley. This quirky, loveable girl waited 192 days for her forever family. Vicki knew she wanted Shirley, but Vicki’s husband wasn’t sure he wanted a cat. Vicki decided to “foster” Shirley knowing that her husband wouldn’t be able to resist Shirley’s wiles. When Vicki’s husband asked her what she wanted for Christmas this year Vicki’s answer was simple, “Shirley”! Your financial support allows them to give pets like Shirley the greatest gift, the gift of time. Time to wait for the perfect family who will love you forever!


Orphaned kittens are often brought to the shelter and provide a challenge for us. Not only a financial challenge as they have to provide formula and life-saving vaccinations but they have to find a foster home to care for these tiny babies for as long as 8 weeks. They are blessed to have a large pool of loving foster homes for these babies who are willing to get up in the middle of the night to ensure these little ones have all the care they need. Darcy was one of those kittens. When he first arrived he would fit in the palm of your hand and his eyes hadn’t even opened yet. Thanks to his loving foster mama who was awake every three hours feeding him his bottle, this boy is happy, healthy and living the life with his forever family.


Bruce seemed like a normal, happy go lucky puppy when he first arrived. It wasn’t until they took him out for a potty break after dark that they noticed something didn’t seem quite right with his vision. They took him to a vet and learned his retinas had detached. They were able to get Bruce seen by a veterinarian eye specialist who had wonderful news for Bruce. While his vision will remain limited, especially at night, there would be no further decrease in his vision and Bruce was ready to go to a forever home. Thanks to your financial support they are able to help dogs like Bruce! is Moose Jaw's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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