Congratulations to Shannon Pethick... The Teacher of the Month for February 2018! 

Here was the nomination:

I was blown away by this teacher.
My son was diagnosed with lymphoma in August of 2017. Shannon accepted a meeting with me regarding how this affects his daily health, both emotional and physical.This was just the start...
My boy has the lymphoma clustering around his lungs, and this causes him to cough a lot. She cares for him throughout the day, guiding him to take an emergency inhalant, stop running on the playground, and has taken time out of her day to be with him during recesses when he couldn't be a normal boy at a normal recess.
Not only this, but she put together homework for when we had to be in Edmonton for appointments at the Stollery Hospital, and for the days we had to run to Saskatoon for treatments upon the lymphoma. She put together almost a month's worth of a home-schooling package for Thaddeus (my son) in November when we had to keep him quarantined away from the public due to his obliterated immune system.
And the icing on the cake...
In December, near Christmas, she set up a week of fundraising for our family. The entire school was involved. She arranged a bake sale, she set up daily "Toonie Events" where students could "wear a hat for a toonie, dress in pajamas for a toonie" etc. She raised a significant amount for our family, since I have had to take a cut at work, and travel more for appointments. The best part was: She arranged a FOOD DONATION for our family! Ohhh.... the glorious groceries!!! WHAT A WOMAN! I can't tell you how much she deserves the recognition. 
And she did all this without my knowledge. She surprised me with a presentation at the school. 
I can't accurately describe my feelings for what she's done for us. All I can do is insist! She deserves to be recognized for this! And I can't reward her myself, so I turn to you. 
Thank you for your consideration. Much love, Karma (mom). is Moose Jaw's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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