Anyone making their way around the streets of Moose Jaw recently knows that we are in the midst of unprecedented road repairs.  While the detours can mean a few extra minutes behind the wheel, they also mean that we are making progress repairing and replacing infrastructure that is critical to our cities future. 

Hats off to the city for making this critical work a priority, and to the hard working men and women getting the job done.  

And thanks to you the drivers of Moose Jaw.  Your patience is appreciated as we grow to become a better city.  Below you will find a complete list of the work happening on our city streets today.

Manitoba Expressway eastbound and westbound both lanes and bridges from Manitoba Street E. to 9th Ave. NE. & Manitoba Expressway intersection is closed from 6:00p.m. September 25, 2017 to October 22, 2017.

Effective Monday evening (September 25), eastbound and westbound traffic will be diverted from the Manitoba Expressway to Manitoba Street East and 9th Avenue Northeast. Westbound heavy vehicles like semi-trucks and trailers travelling on Highway 1 are advised to take 9th Ave. Northwest to enter the City. 

Intersection of High St. W. & 5th Ave. N.W....Cast Iron Project. Ongoing

Stadacona St. W. – 5th Ave. N.W. to 6th Ave. N.W..  Curb Repair.  Ongoing

Hochelaga St. E. . – 6th Ave. N.E. to 7th Ave. N.E.  Watermain Break.  Ongoing

6th Ave. N. W. – Saskatchewan St. W. to Hall St. W.  Service Leak.  Ongoing

Connaught Ave. – Laurier St. to MacDonald St.  Sewer & Water Relay.  Ongoing

Thorn Crescent.  Service Leak.  Ongoing

River St. W. – 3rd Ave. N.W. to 4th Ave. N.W.  Watermain Break.  Ongoing

Manitoba St. E. – Main St. N. to 1st Ave. N.E.  Watermain Break.  Ongoing

100 blk Saskatchewan St. E.  Watermain Break.  Ongoing

North Service Road     -    Main St. (HWY Paving) to 9th Ave. N.W. & Intersection- Highway #1 & 9th Ave. N.W. (restricted )

Keith St. – 8th Ave. S.W. to 9th Ave. S.W.  Watermain Replacement.  Ongoing

3rd Ave. N.W. – River St. W. to Fairford St. W.  Watermain Replacement.  Ongoing

Caribou St. W. – 1st Ave. N.W. to 4th Ave. N.W.  Cast Iron (limited access).  Ongoing

Hall St. W. – Main St. N. to 1st Ave. N.W.  Waterline Installation.  Ongoing

Carleton St. – 9h Ave. N.W. to 10th Ave. N.W.  Sewer & Water Relay.  Ongoing

Algoma Ave. – MacDonald St. to Saskatchewan St.  Sewer & Water Relay.  Ongoing

Hastings St.  – 13th Ave. S.W. to 14th Ave. S.W.  Valve Replacement.  Ongoing

Athabasca St. W.  – 9th Ave. N. W. to 10th Ave. N. W.  Watermain Replacement.  Ongoing

Iroquois St. W.  – 3rd Ave. S.W. to 4th Ave. S.W.  Watermain Replacement.  Ongoing

Coteau St. W. – 5h Ave. S.W. to 6th Ave. S.W.  Watermain Break.  Ongoing

Intersection of 1st Ave. S.W. & Home St.  Watermain Break.  Ongoing

Intersection of 6th Ave. S.W. & Home St.  Watermain Break.  Ongoing

10th Ave. S.W. – Lillooet St. W. to Iroquois St. W.  Watermain Break.  Ongoing

4th Ave. S.W. – Lillooet St. W. to Iroquois St. W.  Watermain Break.  Ongoing

12th Ave. S.W. – Coteau St. W. to Iroquois St. W.  Watermain Break.  Ongoing
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