On Monday Moose Jaw was just one of the many stops for Lynn Salvo as she bikes across Canada.

Salvo, who is 68-years-old is currently biking across the country to try and set her second Guinness World Record as she is trying to become the oldest female to bike across Canada. She is also biking across the country to raise awareness for peace and she said the reason for doing that is a personal one.

"I lost my brother in Vietnam," she said, "He was shot down and never found so he is technically missing in action. He had a child on the way so his son never met him. Its always been a real sadness for me, so if I can prevent one family from going through that trauma it would be worth it."

Salvo already has the Guinness World Record for the oldest female to bike across the United States, a feat she accomplished in late 2016.

She said that so far her journey has gone really well, "It's been fabulous," she said. "We've been through British Columbia and Alberta and now we are in Saskatchewan and we've had mostly really, really good weather so far."

She added that it isn't a solo job as her SAG supporter Susie has been with her on both journies.

Salvo's journey started in Tofino, BC on June 19th and she has since travelled to Herbert, a total of 1,827 kilometres and also stopped at St. Andrew's United Church on Monday in the friendly city.

"I'm going to one peace monument as I go," Salvo said. "So for Saskatchewan it's going to be St. Andrews church in Moose Jaw. Inside that church there is a stained glass window of Gandhi and Mother Theresa, so two major peacemakers and I thought it that would be really fitting."

The end of her close to 70-day journey will come when she reaches Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia which gives her over 4,200 more kilometres to go with her end date being August 26th.

Salvo, who is from McLean, Virginia is experiencing Canada for the first time on her journey.

"We are loving Canada so far," she said. "We've met a lot of people. We get to talk to local people and then part of what I have to do for Guisness is to collect witness signatures so sometimes I just walk up to random people and explain what I'm doing and ask them to fill out a form so it's giving me a broad perspective of Canadians. What we've found so far is the wonderful people, really intelligent, educated, very articulate and conserving and willing to talk about a whole range of subjects and it's been really pleasant that way."

Salvo said as much of the journey is about physical preparation it is equally about mental preparation.

"I spent about a year and a half studying maps and studying how other cyclists have gone across the country," she said. "I've been studying maps constantly. I've been talking to other cyclists and going on websites and I've read at least two books by cyclists that have been across Canada. I prepared routes for all 70 days, and then in the last couple weeks before I came I went in with Google Maps and I did detailed cue sheets."

Throughout her journey, she is also raising awareness for the Canadian Friend Service and the American Friend Service.

"So specifically the Canadians Friend Service committee and also the American Friend Service, but I figure since mostly I'm in Canada the Canadian Freind Service committee has really been helping me make contact with people in different cities but basically these are organizations that have long, long histories of peacemaking and helping people resolve difference and so forth."

To follow the rest of Salvo’s journey you follow her blog by clicking here.