The Western Development Museum (WDM) continues to be a hot spot in Moose Jaw for locals and tourists.

As everyone heads into the Christmas season, the WDM is welcoming people to get in the spirit in an old-fashioned way.

Starting December 1, the museum is offering self-guided tours that include scavenger hunts and seek-and-find activities. All people have to do is show up and grab an activity sheet. One of the seek-and finds has kids look around the museum for vintage Christmas toys. There's a new seek-and-find activity called the Winter Land Cabin Vacation. It puts you in a story that has you staying in a remote cabin for a week, and you can only bring 10 things in your suitcase and those 10 things can be anything within the WDM. The museum is also bringing back their Christmas At WDM activity. Where people get a question booklet and follow along, and write down the differences and similarities of modern-style Christmas and old-fashioned Christmas.

This season, the WDM is focusing on what Christmas was like way back in the day. They're bringing back their in-person event of Christmas Long Ago, which had to be virtual last year due to the pandemic.

"This program really takes a look back at tradition. So, these are things that we might do with our families, and the program really compares the way Christmas was celebrated 100 years ago during the times of Saskatchewan settlers with the way that we might celebrate holidays today. Looking for things that may have stayed the same over the years and also some things that might have changed," says Karla Rasmussen the Education and Public Programs Coordinator at the WDM.

This event will feature a story narration by Rasmussen of what the Christmas season looked like way back in the day. The story takes place at a grandmother and grandfather's house as they're getting ready for Christmas. People can witness who will be going to their house, how they decorate, what they cook, and what kind of presents are given. That event will be on December 18 at 1:00 pm. Rasmussen says that WDM members will get a special discount, "There are two different rates. One is for WDM members. So, if you have a membership the adult rate is $12 and the youth, someone under 18, is $9. If you're not a member of the WDM it's an adult fee of $15 and a non-member for youth under 18 is $12."

There is a limited amount of space available so people must pre-register and buy tickets before December 15. In-person registrations will not be accepted. Registration can be done through the WDM website.

The WDM is offering a virtual version of the event for anyone who can't make it in person. The museum has been hosting coffee club Zoom meetings for several months. During the museum's coffee club Zoom meeting on December 21st, the focus will be on the story of this family in 1910, told through digital storytelling with pictures and words.

"All of our virtual coffee club programs are free of charge. We do need you to preregister but it is a free program and it's over the zoom platform," says Rasmussen.

People can pre-register for any of the virtual coffee club meetings through this link on the WDM website.