The Moose Jaw Municipal Airport Authority (MJMAA) has seen some upgrades that will boost its economic contributions to the city.  

The airport celebrated its completion of the upgrades on Friday, June 24th.  

The construction began in the fall of 2020. 

“Basically, we rehabilitated the original 2950 feet (of the runway). We added a thousand feet of runway and we added two thousand feet of new taxiway and rehabbed some of that as well and then the apron area and new lighting,” says Greg Simpson, Chair of the board for the MJMAA.  

The expansion of the runway and taxiway will help accommodate larger planes including business class, turboprops, and light jets.  

The upgrade to the apron space will allow for heavier aircraft to be parked.  

The MJMAA also built new hangars which will limit vehicle traffic on taxiways. 

Under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, the Government of Canada contributed $1.2 million to the project. The Government of Saskatchewan contributed $999,900 and the City of Moose Jaw contributed $500,100 and is responsible for any additional costs.  

The upgrades now make the airport accessible for air ambulances, allow it to be a relief support stop for the 15 Wing Air Base, and it’ll help drive Moose Jaw’s Economy.  

“There’s an economic benefit, a social benefit. So, you think about air ambulances and saving lives first and foremost. Then in terms of being able to support businesses in the area, aerial application, businesses in the area that use our aircraft to be able to access markets quicker,” says Simpson.  

He adds, “The MJMAA wants to thank all of our funding partners who contributed to the runway extension project. The benefits of the investment have already been tangible with three new hangars, a flight training school, and more jobs. The longer runway will make our operations safer for air ambulance missions that save lives. We are now able to accommodate heavier and more powerful aircraft, such as business jets, along with those serving the agricultural and military sectors.”  

Simpson also says that MJMAA plans to expand its business more into Moose Jaw as it continues to look at different business investments such as becoming a space to have a warehouse hold merchandise and different products for the city.