For the last two days, crews have been cleaning up an oil leak that has been contained to Spring creek which runs through the Hillcrest Golf Course. 

Wednesday morning, the city was notified of a substance in the creek near the course, which was identified as unused 15W40 motor oil coming from a storm drain. 

In a press release, South Country Equipment has taken full responsibility for the spill, stating a 1000L tote of unused 15W 40 motor oil was accidentally punctured and a significant amount of the oil flowed into a storm drain on their property.

South Country's Manager of Human resources Drew Watson said in a press release “South Country Equipment takes this incident very seriously,”. Also Stating “This was an unfortunate accident and we will be reviewing our procedures to identify ways to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Immediate steps have already been taken to ensure this does not happen again at any of our locations, including Moose Jaw.”

The contained oil isn't moving and the Moose Jaw Fire Department has assisted with the Ministry of Environment and the city's municipal operations.

“We are grateful for the quick response by the City of Moose Jaw and efforts by the City and Ministry of Environment to contain the oil and prevent more serious consequences. We also apologize to the Hillcrest Golf Course for the disruption this event has caused", stated Watson.

South Country Equipment assumed all responsibility, including costs, associated with the leak and the subsequent cleanup and remediation efforts.

Cleanup and remediation efforts are expected to be completed Friday July 19th and an evaluation by the Ministry of Environment will follow.